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The importance of male factor in fertility

Of all infertility cases is due to male factor

Since the advent of assisted reproduction the scientific focus on infertility has mainly concentrated on female issues. This point of view, however, is now shifting as more and more evidence accumulates on the importance of the male factor.

Evaluating the fertility of men can be very challenging, as this can only be proven based on the outcomes of their female partners. It is nevertheless estimated that male factor is involved in 40-50% of all infertility cases.

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Minimizing DNA fragmentation in the andrology process


Sperm DNA damage may result in lower fertilization rates, impaired implantation and an increase in pregnancy loss rates.

Sperm DNA fragmentation can occur due to extrinsic factors, such as storage temperatures, media used, handling conditions, time after ejaculation, and several others. Minimizing any risk of DNA fragmentation is critical throughout each step of your sperm processing and assessment.

ORIGIO provides high-quality sperm products and through our expert knowledge we can offer advice on how you can optimize every step in the andrology process. This helps to minimize DNA fragmentation build-up and ultimately provides the best quality sperm sample for fertilization.

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Hyaluronan – a natural biomarker for sperm quality

The ability of sperm to bind to Hyaluronan correlates to:

  • Lower rates of chromosomal aneuploidy1

  • Lower rates of DNA fragmentation1,2

  • Increased chromatin integrity1,3

  • Normal head morphology3

Picking the right sperm is essential for enhancing your chances of achieving a successful ICSI outcome. Unfit sperm may lead to a compromised embryo and increase the risk of pregnancy loss.

Hyaluronan (HA), a high molecular weight glycosaminoglycan, is a major component of the cumulus oophorus matrix surrounding the human oocyte. Within the female reproductive tract, hyaluronan is believed to play a critical role in the selection of functionally competent sperm during fertilization. In fact only mature spermatozoa that have completed the plasma membrane remodelling, cytoplasmic extrusion and nuclear maturation have developed specific receptors for Hyaluronan. Only these mature sperm with receptors can bind to the cumulus complex, digest HA and reach the oocyte and fertilize it.

The in vitro binding of sperm to hyaluronan is a selective process and research has demonstrated that not all motile sperm bind to hyaluronan. HA-bound spermatozoa show lower rates chromosomal aneuploidies and DNA fragmentation, and good nuclear morphology. Since the selection of sperm for ICSI is critical and directly influences the paternal contribution to the preimplantation embryogenesis it is important to select sperm based on more that morphology. HA-sperm selection prior to ICSI insures the selection of a competent sperm and helps to optimize the outcome of the treatment.

1. Yagci et al. (2010) Spermatozoa bound to solid state hyaluronic acid show chromatin structure with high DNA chain integrity: An acridine orange fluorescence study. J Androl; 31:566-572
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