Genomics Customer Service

Meet our Genomic Customer
Service Specialists

Kristina B
Patient Coordinator

“The opportunity to work with our patients is what makes our role so fulfilling. Being a part of their family planning process is nothing short of a privilege; I am committed to providing the best patient experience possible.”

Andy H
Patient Coordinator

“Touching numbers touches lives—I’m happy that I can aid in providing a positive experience for our patients. “

Justin S
Patient Coordinator

“I feel we are in a unique position to help our patients achieve a goal they have longed for, a family. I enjoy working with our patients and clients and finding better ways to assist them. Thank you for trusting us with your IVF journey, it truly is a privilege. I’m sure many of my colleagues would agree, we look forward to working with you!”

Maria A
Team Lead

“Starting a family can be a struggle for some. I am honored to assist these couples on their journey in achieving their dreams.”

Jenna E
Manager of Patient and Client Services

“Each day, my team and I are given a new opportunity to provide our patients with options, guidance, and a reason to restore hope. I believe that the highest level of personal and professional attention should be paid to each patient that we serve while they embark on this journey. I am lucky enough to be part of a company where what we do helps to change lives and create families, and that is most rewarding.”

Agnieszka D
Manager of Patient and Client Services

“Working with our patients has never been more rewarding–it has opened my eyes to a whole different world in women’s healthcare. The relationships that I have developed over the years are amazing. Sometimes, I have patients that will still call me, years later, just to check in, because of the amazing experience they had with us. Those are relationships that I cherish, because they let me know that I truly made an impact on the lives of those patients.”

Maria O
Patient Coordinator

“Working with our patients means having the opportunity to service them with knowledge through their journey. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on our patient’s lives and make a difference every day.”

Kristina V
Patient Coordinator

“Two of the most important things in the world are family and love. I take great pride in knowing that I am a part of helping families achieve both.”

Dharti P
Patient Coordinator

“Working with patients gives me the opportunity to help others in their time of need. It enables me to treat patients and colleagues with respect, kindness, dignity and compassion.”

Jeane C
Patient Coordinator

“For me, working with our patients means I have a very small role in helping patients achieve their biggest dreams.”

Shalini K
Patient Coordinator

“I strive to provide the best possible assistance in my capacity to our patients on their journey to parenthood.”

Brittany C
Patient Coordinator

“There is nothing more precious than the gift of life, and helping families bring new life into the world means everything to me.”

Jade V
Patient Coordinator

“Working with our patients means patience, empathy, compassion, and sensitivity. I take pride in keeping our patients calm and smiling (if possible) even in the most trying situations.”

Amanda S
Patient Coordinator

“I enjoy and take pride in my job. In my position I can address the concerns of individuals who are going through a challenging time and help put them at ease.”

Katie H
Patient Coordinator

“While I sometimes may only play a small part in a patient’s overall care, it is so rewarding for me to know that I am making a positive impact on our patients’ lives.”

Pamela A
Patient Coordinator

“When working with patients, I do the best I can to minimize, if not eliminate, the stress patients are experiencing while going through the IVF process. It’s important to me that I show compassion and let them know that we are here to help them through.”

Alana L
Patient Coordinator

“Working with our patients encompasses many different feelings for me. I am honored to be a part of a company that is dedicated to women’s health and assisting in creating families. Most people want to make a positive impact in other people’s lives in some way, and working with our patients here at CooperGenomics provides me the opportunity to have a special impact in the lives of our patients. Our patients inspire me with their resilience and drive to overcome challenges that life sometimes presents and while continuing to have a positive outlook on the potential of having a healthy family someday.”

Alexis I
Patient Coordinator

“On a day-to-day basis there is a sense that we are working towards a rewarding, achievable vision and I proudly see us making strides towards it and turning families’ dreams into realities.”

Jessica T
Patient Coordinator

“Having a family is a chapter in our lives that unfortunately for some, comes with great difficulty and/or challenges. I love being part of a team that helps open that chapter and aids in creating the most powerful type of love – the love of a family. “