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for every step of the ART cycle

Trusted Brands United Under CooperSurgical

The CooperSurgical family of companies is comprised of global leaders in IVF and reproductive genetics, working together to provide innovative products and services for every step in the ART journey.

ORIGIO since 1987


The company was founded in Denmark in 1987 under the name Medicult.  Its innovative approach quickly positioned it as one of the leaders in the global IVF Media market.

In 2007 and 2008 the range grew with the addition of high quality glass pipets from Humagen Fertility Diagnostics, as well as IVF equipment and devices including the STRIPPER from MidAtlantic Diagnostics.  The company had now become a true ART player and a new name had to be found.  ORIGIO was born.

RI Since 1990

Research Instruments

Research Instruments (RI) was founded in London in 1962. A global leader in micromanipulation technology, the company moved into the fertility industry in the early 1990s. Working closely with pioneers in the field such as Dr Simon Fishel, RI refined its products to meet the needs of those perfecting ground breaking techniques.

This continued partnership with innovating embryologists to pinpoint exactly what ART clinics require has led the company to be the largest hardware ART supplier in the world with a global network of distributors and a comprehensive product portfolio.

K-System_Corporate-since 1986


K-Systems Kivex Biotec A/S was founded in 1986. Over 30 years they emerged as a market leader from their premises in Denmark and established a distribution network in more than 60 countries worldwide with the development, manufacturing and sale of innovative and well designed equipment to professional IVF Clinics.

Their innovative range of equipment enables laboratory technicians to perform IVF techniques in safe and ergonomical conditions.

TPC-since 1999


The Pipette Company (TPC) was established in 1999 by a team of respected practitioners of reproductive medicine, Dianna Payne, Sean Flaherty and Colin Matthews.  Knowing first-hand the importance of high-quality microtools, the team was dedicated to making the finest quality micropipettes to ensure optimal clinical outcomes.

TPC’s market leading reputation is based on an ultraclean environment, precision manufacturing, strict rejection criteria and comprehensive QC and QA ensure that TPC pipettes have unparalleled levels of cleanliness, consistency, uniformity and functionality.   The Pipette Company offers a standard range of micromanipulation pipettes which have been designed to provide optimal clinical outcomes and minimise oocyte/embryo degeneration rates.

Wallace_Corporate-since 1980


Over 35 years ago, Wallace worked with IVF pioneers to design and manufacture the world’s first commercially available embryo transfer catheter. This catheter was used in the first successful IVF treatment, resulting in the birth of Louise Brown in 1978, and remains the most popular catheter worldwide. Viewed as the gold standard, the Wallace range is associated with some of the highest pregnancy rates in the United Kingdom.

Building upon the proven design of the Wallace Classic Embryo Transfer Catheter, Wallace created the unique SureView® Ultrasound Visible Catheter and the SurePro® Range Supported Embryo Transfer Catheters that combine the softness of the Classic catheter with the benefits of a supported inner catheter and a pre-formed outer sheath. The SurePro Ultra® range offers an echogenic variant utilising our patented SureView technology within the inner catheter.

Genomics_Corporate-since 2000


Legacy companies Reprogenetics, Recombine, and Genesis Genetics were the pioneers and global leaders of comprehensive reproductive genetic testing. Brought together under the CooperSurgical family, these companies are now united as CooperGenomics, the premier provider of genetic testing for every step of the family planning journey.

Through expanded carrier screening, PGD, PGS, NIPT, and beyond, our team is committed to advancing the field of reproductive genetics, improving outcomes, and empowering families worldwide.  To learn more about CooperGenomics click here.

lifeGloba 1992l-since


The LifeGlobal Group, headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut, is a privately held company that specializes primarily in IVF media. As the pioneer and leader in “one-step” media for embryo culture, LifeGlobal maintains very strong customer relationships along with product loyalty. The use of one-step media has grown significantly over the years as it reduces handling of embryos and lab requirements to hold multiple formulations of media inventory.

LifeGlobal’s other product categories include other media products as well as IVF laboratory air filtration products and dishware.