Integrated Embryo Culture Solutions: Creating the optimal environment for human embryology procedures

You can create a complete and bespoke culture system using our equipment and consumables supported by our expert embryology team.

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Additional Products And Services To Optimize Your Culture Solution

BT37 benchtop incubator

Humidified incubator designed to maintain consistent culture environments. CE marked, FDA cleared and Australia TGA.

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SignipHyTM pH monitoring

Fast, cost-efficient, non-invasive continuous pH monitoring system for the G210 InviCell Plus incubator using sterile disposable sensors.

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Clinical Application Specialists

Book an appointment with one of our Clinical Application Specialists who are offering expert advice on how to optimize your culture solution.


Watch our most recent webinars on how you can create an optimized culture solution

Optimizing your embryo culture system

Author: Steve Levett PhD, Director of Clinical Application
CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions.

Reducing risk by implementing Good Laboratory Practice

Author: Steven Fleming PhD, Director of Embryology
CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions.

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