G210 InviCell

Long Term Incubator

Encapsulating 20 years of incubator development, the G210 InviCell incubator combines optimal embryo growth conditions with advanced user control. It is the ideal incubation solution for a busy clinic.

  • Defining, Creating, Monitoring and constantly sustaining the optimal environment for human embryos
  • Thoughtful design and advanced user control options make everyday work with the G210 effective, safe and comfortable
  • With its compact size, low daily running costs and the option of a stacking system the G210 is the ideal solution for a busy Clinic


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Combining optimal embryo growth conditions with advanced user control


Key Features of G210 InviCell and G210 InviCell Plus

Space Saving

Ten individual incubation chambers to ensure minimal stress and risk of cross contamination for the embryos. Significant space saving


Dedicated heating plates with grooves ensure direct heat transfer to the dish

Responsive Gas Control

Set the required specifications to mix CO2 and O2. Uses pure CO2 and N2 (optional)

Optimal Environment

Embryo conditions, including pH levels, are kept completely stable through advanced and accurate software control of gas and temperature thus providing stress free incubation

Ambient humidity

The G210 is an incubator with ambient humidity which strongly minimizes the risk of fungal growth inside the incubator and makes it easier to clean


Electro-magnetic fields eliminated by non-inductive EM Neutra™ technology (patented)

Superior Filtering and Hygiene

High efficiency particle filter to remove airborne particles. VOC filter to remove organic compounds

Tracking and Alarm

Data logging and alerts with K-Link™ extensive ethernet based monitoring

Advanced User Control

Advanced intuitive user interface with dedicated security system


Low running costs because of low gas consumption and use of pure gas

Independent External monitoring

An option for independent external monitoring of key parameters including temperature and gas concentration


CE Marked

Optimal Environment for Human Embryos


Decreasing embryo stress is a key factor in long term incubation.

The G210 has several characteristics to ensure minimal stress.
Highly stable environment of both gas and temperature
VOC filter and HEPA filter ensuring clean air in the chambers
Individual chambers for each patient- 10 in total

Optimal temperature conditions at all times. The advanced heating system of the G210 ensures constant and all-embracing heating in the chambers

  • Each isolated chamber has its own temperature sensor to ensure quick and accurate temperature control of all 6 sides in the chamber
  • The unique non-inductive EM NeutraTM heating system gives no electro-magnetic fields around the embryos
  • Emulate the natural cycle of basal body temperature with the advanced software based heating technology

Embryo conditions including pH levels are kept stabile through the combination of accurate gas and temperature control.

  • Increased accuracy and stability with dedicated gas control algorithms
  • The built-in advanced gas mixer allows gas concentration to be set at the required level
  • Ambient humidity based incubation significantly reduces the risk for fungal growth and cross contamination
  • The unidirectional gas flow system ensures even gas distribution throughout the chambers
  • To optimize recovery time and keep gas consumption low, gas flow is paused when the lid is open

Advanced User Control

Large 7“ touch-screen display gives you intuitive control of all
parameters and on screen data display.

A quick overview of each chamber and key parameters on screen

Enter patient data directly on the screen for each individual. No more writing on the device with markers or pens

Multi-level password protection ensures no unintended access to settings

Graphic display of key parameters over time

React quickly to changes in the incubator with the extensive audible and visible monitoring and alarms. Alarms can easily be transferred to the hospital central monitoring system.

Temperature – Gas – Service needs

Keep Track of Incubator from anywhere in the Clinic

K-Link Ethernet based monitoring system
Monitor all your incubators directly from your office. The K-Link Ethernet based software provides external monitoring of all key parameters in your G210 InviCell. Multiple G210s can be monitored from the same PC.

Parameters continuously monitored with K-Link:
– Temperature per chamber
– CO2 and O2 levels
– Gas pressure and consumption
– Alarms and warnings
– Service requirements

K-Link E-mail alerts
In case of an alarm K-Link can be set up to automatically send an e-mail to a designated address.

Excel Export
All data is automatically exported to spreadsheet for in depth analysis.

The G210 Invicell Plus – Extra Safety Added

G210 InviCell Plus is designed to meet the increasing demands for external independent monitoring

SignipHyTM pH Monitoring

You can now install our new pH monitoring system in new K-Systems G210 InviCell long term incubators (Plus models only).

SignipHy is a sterile, automated fluoroscopic evaluation that offers fast, cost-effective, and non-invasive continuous pH monitoring for IVF culture media. The technology is based on the principle that fluorescent dyes embedded in the disposable sensors emit characteristic wavelength spectra at different pH levels. It measures the pH of surrogate media samples. This technology, used in combination with disposable sensors, accurately and reliably monitors the pH of small volumes of cell culture media.

How does SignipHy work?

The measurement method consists of exciting the dye with a green light and then measuring the emitted red and orange fluorescent light.

The unique fluorescent properties of the dye are such that the intensity of the red fluorescence is pH sensitive while the intensity of the orange fluorescence is not pH sensitive. The pH is directly related to the ratio of the red to orange colour signals.

What are the Benefits of SignipHy?

The unique properties of SignipHy allow for continuous pH value sampling without disturbing the incubator environment. The easy to use software displays and stores pH values in real time as the fluorescent signal is read and converted to pH.

SignipHy provides:

  • A decrease in time spent on pH protocols
  • Continuous QC tracking for up to 7 days of pH data per test
  • Data trending on real-time environmental effects

Key Features

  • Real Time pH (reading every 30 minutes)
  • Accurate (0.05 in a range of pH 7.0 to 7.6)
  • Range (6.0 to 8.0)
  • Single use sensor probe for up to 7 days of pH readings
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • No user calibration required
  • Easy to align (no buffers, no hassles)
  • One alignment probe can be used for all readers in lab
  • Data Logging built in (TrakStation®)

Please note: We cannot fit SignipHy in incubators that are not brand new and not in Standard models.  Contact your local account manager for further details.

Independent Temperature Monitoring

The G210 InviCell plus is prepared for individual temperature monitoring of each culture chamber in G210.

Monitor Temperature Sensors are isolated from the Control sensors or any part of the Incubator control system

The system is based on 10 individual Temperature Sensors. One for each chamber.

Sensor interface board is electrically isolated from the G210 Incubator Control system and has its own Power supply

Independent External Gas Monitoring

To perform true independent monitoring, it is critical to measure the exact point prior to the gas entering the chambers.

In the G210 InviCell Plus a special gas system access chamber has been installed to allow for this.

An external sensor can be placed in the gas line just before the chambers.

The sensor can be read independently of the G210.

The sensor is powered independently.


Space saving with the Stacking System for the G210

The unique Stacking System has capacity for 3 incubators

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Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 860 x 550 x 180
Weight 53 kg
Temperature range 35 – 42 °C
Gas Concentration CO₂ :  5.0%
O₂ : 5.0%
Connection to 100% CO2 and 100% N2 Yes
Gas consumption (Typically) CO2 : 0.7 l/h
N2 : 7 l/h
Datalogger system – K-Link Yes
External Alarm Port Yes
Power consumption Max: 270 W
Ambient humidity and temperature Max 75% RH
Heating plates NUNC/Falcon/Vitrolife
Prepared for pH Yes, Plus Model Only
Prepared for external monitoring Yes, Plus Model Only
No of temperature sensors 11, (21, Plus Model Only)

Order Codes

Part Number Part Description
60000 G210 InviCell Plus Optional pH and External Monitoring
59500 G210 InviCell
23063-1 Falcon dish inserts
23064-1 Nunc dish inserts
23069 Vitrolife dish inserts
23070 LifeGlobal dish inserts
23061-1 Falcon pH dish inserts for G210 InviCell Plus
23060-1 Nunc pH dish inserts for G210 InviCell Plus
23079 Vitrolife pH dish inserts for G210 InviCell Plus
23080 LifeGlobal pH dish inserts for G210/G185

Order codes for additional features and options

Part Number Part Description
SS-600018 SignipHy Trak Station – Optical pH server built into G210
SS-600019 SignipHy Trak Station – Tablet for pH monitoring for up to 3 incubators
SS-400020 SignipHy qc2 alignment tool – for weekly alignment – 1 year life
SS-400019 SignipHy sv2 sensor (10 pack) – Consumables – 1 week life
23050-110-O Stacking System 120V for 3 pcs. G210/G18
23050-230-O Stacking System 230V for 3. pcs. G210/G185
59655 XLR6 Alarm Connector
11010 F100 Thermometer
11010P1 F100 Thermometer, calibrated with 1 probe
11010P2 F100 Thermometer, calibrated with 2 probes
11006 STS Sensor Temperature sensor for validation
53830 HEPA Inline disc filter for G185/G210
K59548 HEPA/VOC filter – ORIGIO Inline Filter Assy – w/connectors
ULTRA001 HEPA/VOC filter – ORIGIO InLine Filter
59558 K-720 HEPA/VOC Filter (G210 a-models) (pack of 2)
59556 K-730 HEPA/VOC Filter (G210 b-models) (pack of 2)
59922 Lid Plugs for G210 (pack of 10)