PICSI® Dish for Sperm Selection

The PICSI® dish with Hyaluronan microdots for easy sperm selection

The PICSI® dish is based on research documenting that mature and structurally sound sperm will bind to hyaluronan.
Sperm is added to the dot of hyaluronan and within minutes the bound sperm are attached by their acrosome to the surface of the dot. Selecting an individual bound sperm with enhanced genetic and developmental integrity ensures that the sperm selected is the optimal sperm from the sample.

For sperm with poor binding capability as measured on the HBA slide, a significant decrease in miscarriage rate may result when the PICSI® dish is used to identify the bound sperm for ICSI 3

Key Features

  • Convenient, and easy to use
  • Lower rates of chromosomal aneuploidies in Hyaluronan-selected sperm1
  • Decreased miscarriage rates6


This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.
Please always contact your local ORIGIO representative to confirm local availability.

Watch the video to see how PICSI® helps you select the best sperm for ICSI

  • Mature and structurally sound sperm will bind to HA for easy picking

  • The in vitro selection of sperm is critical for ICSI

  • Visual selection alone cannot identify sperm with compromised development, nuclear, and cytoplasmic competence

Sperm selection with PICSI Dish reduces clinical pregnancy loss for patients with low HBA scores4

Randomized, controlled trial of 802 couples treated with ICSI at 10 sites across the USA; *p-value <0.05

sperm-graphicSperm selection by hyaluronan binding helps minimize unexplained ICSI failure by ensuring selection and injection of mature sperm with high DNA integrity

Five-fold improvement in pregnancy rates using the PICSI Dish compared to morphological assessment5

Rates PICSI (HA Binding) Conventional PVP p-value
Fertilization 123/171 (71.93%) 127/198 (64.14%) 0.11
Chemical pregnancy 12/19 (63.15%) 10/37 (27.03%) 0.05
Clinical pregnancy 8/19 (42.10%) 6/37 (16.21%) 0.009

Prospective study of 56 ICSI cycles using either the PICSI dish (n=19) or conventional ICSI techniques (n=37) for sperm selection

Order Codes

Reference Description
BCT-PICSI-20 20 PICSI dishes, individually packaged, sterile
  • Irradiated for sterility
  • Endotoxin Tested
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