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Optimize your results
High quality culture media for EVERY protocol

The integral role of culture media

Culture media are an essential part of a culture system that aims to minimize insults and stresses to gametes and embryos.

Designed to provide an optimized in vitro environment, culture media deliver a balance of ions, energy substrates and nutritients, ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes are supported.

A well-functioning culture system is influenced by many factors including air quality, temperature control, CO² and pH levels, and the level of expertise of laboratory staff and these can all affect results.

Developing high quality culture media for over 30 years


A market leader with strong heritage, and growing portfolio of innovative products, ORIGIO has developed and produced high-quality media since 1987.

We employ industry experts and partner with leading scientists to produce the best possible solutions. Our expert teams approach each challenge with one ultimate aim – enabling you to maximize your success rates.

ORIGIO media are manufactured in a purpose built, state-of-the-art production facility. Our world class ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing site consistently maintains the highest standards for product quality and reliability.

ORIGIO culture media for every protocol

ORIGIO create media that support every step of the IVF process including oocyte retrieval, fertilization, culture and transfer. Our diverse product range has been carefully designed to meet your individual needs.

From continuous media that offer uninterrupted culture and ease of use, to a sequential series optimized for each step in the process, our culture media range has been specifically designed to support optimal development of healthy embryos. This facilitates clinical management tailored to the individual needs of patients, whether this relates to day of transfer, postponed transfer, or additional procedures such as biopsy and PGS.

Clinical research has proven that cytokines play a critical role in communication between the embryo and endometrium, which is key for a successful pregnancy. Based on this knowledge we have developed EmbryoGen and BlastGen, a novel media suite for day 3 and day 5 culture that is unique within the industry.

Our Culture media has been designed with care and attention to detail,
using customer insights and our scientific expertise


EmbryoGen® and BlastGenTM

Facilitating communication between embryo and endometrium

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ORIGIO Sequential SeriesTM

An optimized culture media series for sequential culture

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A single step medium for uninterrupted embryo culture

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We provide evidence-based training by experienced embryologists