The grand opening and launch of our new Center of Excellence IVF training lab in Målov, Denmark, took place last week

We welcomed a great crowd, where guests were invited to two scientific lectures that introduced the philosophy of our training and the introduction of a brand new course: Optimizing Treatments for Poor Prognosis Patients.

President of CooperSurgical Fertilty and Genomic Solutions, David T Hansen, cut the ribbon leading to this newly updated, larger facility that now contains more equipment for hands-on teaching that can accommodate a growing course program.

Guests were given a factory tour to view our state-of-the-art production facilities before heading to the new IVF training laboratory. Live demonstrations of different ART techniques were led by our expert lecturers.

‘We have something like 140 years of combined experience in the field between the people who lecture here in Denmark and our other Centers of Excellence across the world,’ said David Morroll PhD, our Director of Clinical Support.

‘This means we’re exceptionally well-placed to provide top-quality teaching and share our knowledge in a facility that is fully equipped to suit a range of IVF training courses’.

Launch of new course for 2020

Global Product Director of Consumables, Eva Faarbaek Grauballe, spoke to customers about our new course Optimizing Treatments for Poor Prognosis Patients.

Ideal for clinicians and embryologists who are struggling to achieve pregnancy success with patients experiencing recurrent implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage, this course introduces different treatment strategies that are available in the clinic, the Andrology and IVF lab.

Trophectoderm Biopsy for PGT

Global Product Director of Genomics, Albulena Zogaj, spoke with customers about our biopsy course which provides an introduction to the genetics services used in ART and PGT as a screening tool for embryo selection. The procedures used in embryo biopsy and handling of biopsied cells was also discussed with visitors who are considering offering genetic testing at their clinics.

‘All our visitors could see how the training lab had been improved, they could see our new equipment and get hands-on, practicing their ICSI and trophectoderm biopsy techniques,’ said Global Training Manager, Martine Nijs PhD.

‘We’ve had a lot of success with our courses, they have been booking up very quickly and we didn’t have enough room to accommodate a larger program,’ said our International Head of Medical Affairs, Inge Errebo Agerholm PhD.

‘Our larger facility now allows us to offer more courses which are now available to book through to March for 2020’.

IVF Courses Available Across the Globe

As well as our IVF training laboratory in Denmark, we have Centers of Excellence offering courses across the globe. Our spring program is now live if you wish to find our more information and book a place. But hurry, our courses fill up fast!