LAUNCHING AT ASRM 2019! PGTai 2.0 in our US Labs

The PGTai technology platform now includes SNP analysis for increased data, deeper analysis, greater confidence and more transfers. Come and speak to our experts at the show.

Improving Clinical Outcomes and Efficiencies at ASRM

At this year’s show, we will focus on the different ways we can share knowledge, offer innovative solutions and world-class training, collaborate and work in partnership with your clinic.

Come and chat to us at our stand to find out more about the exciting developments happening within our PGTaiSM technology platform, and how RI WitnessTM can be used as an intelligent data management tool as well as a security system for your lab.

A first for ASRM, we will also be showcasing a mixed reality (MR) version of our K-Systems G210 Invicell incubator that you can interact with on the stand.

Endometrial Receptivity

You can also chat to us about our new ERPeakSM endometrial receptivity test that offers accurate and reliable detection of the receptivity status of a woman’s endometrium. Find out how it measures the expression of relevant hormone-regulated genes that determine a patient’s window of implantation to increase the likelihood of achieving pregnancy.

New for ASRM 2019

Interact with one of our products using mixed reality (MR). You can explore the K-Systems G210 InviCell incubator in our augmented exhibit that allows you to see beyond the physical product! You can view the incubator using a VR headset for a more immersive experience or use our mobile device. Look for the MR desk when you visit our stand.

Culture Media with GM-CSF

Have you spoken to your local sales account manager about SAGE 1-Step GM-CSFTM? Speak with us to find out how this novel single-step medium, supplemented with the recombinant human cytokine GM-CSF, can increase the chances of a successful implantation for patients with a poor prognosis.

Stand Speaker Schedule

We will soon be releasing our ASRM 2019 Speaker Schedule which will feature dates, times and further details about our fantastic line up of speakers. You will have the opportunity to discover new insights from experts within the fields of IVF and genetics, ask them questions, and involve yourself in current discussions.

RI Witness ART Management System

Did you know our electronic witnessing system can be used as a quality control tool to oversee a large team, high volumes of work, data collection and auditing? You can also find out at our stand how it can help establish accountability and reduce liability, and evidence what happened in a patient cycle, even if an embryologist is working alone.


You can practice your biopsy technique on the RI Integra 3™ micromanipulator and RI Saturn 5™ Active laser during the show. We will also be demonstrating our RI Witness electronic witnessing system, which automatically tracks, records and monitors every procedure 24/7, driving security and effectiveness in your lab.

Free Prize Draw

Win a Scientific Pass for ASRM 2020 in Oregon

At the show, collect our IVF Journey Map card from the Welcome Desk on our stand to enter.  You then need to visit different areas of our booth to collect stickers and apply the missing icons. Simply return your completed card to the Welcome Desk to be entered into the free prize draw. The winning entry, correctly completed, will be drawn on 28 October. Terms and Conditions will be available at the show.

IVF Training Courses

Look out for members of our Medical Affairs Team who can give further details about our highly sought-after reproductive genetics and ART training courses at our Center of Excellence in New Jersey. They can chat with you about our program created for practitioners at all levels.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!