The PGTaiSM Technology Platform

The novel CooperGenomics’ approach to PGT-A interpretation and reporting

The PGTaiSM technology platform is a ground-breaking, first of its kind algorithm that harnesses the power of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize PGT-A calling, interpretation and reporting.


Our innovative PGTaiSM technology platform is clinically available across all CooperGenomics labs.

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  • Innovative tool that leverages the data accumulated over the history of PGT-A at CooperGenomics
  • Only analysis platform in the field built from a truth data set of known euploid pregnancies (~1000)
  • Validated using sequencing data from 10,000+ embryos, analyzed and reviewed one by one for accuracy*
  • Allows for transfer decisions based on mathematical and statistical predictions, removing the limitation of human interaction, subjectivity, and error
  • Employs machine learning to enable continuous controlled improvement
  • Improves signal clarity, increasing accuracy to ensure optimal sensitivity and specificity*

*Internal CooperGenomics, data on file, 2018

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