Webinar Date: November 30

Webinar Description

This webinar reviews best practiced principles for the optimization of personal patient treatment for embryo transfer. Taking into consideration, specifically, the patient’s endometrium for frozen transfers, whether a stimulated or, unstimulated cycle and then how best to perform the transfer procedure from catheter loading, selecting the optimum catheter device and catheter accessories to safely transferring the embryos to the uterine cavity.
The presentation data is from both the presenter’s clinical experience and various supporting clinical papers published from key industry professionals. Designed to open a new dialogue to further new clinical trials and research into a relatively untouched treatment area in over 20 years.

Part 1 – Optimization of Frozen Embryo Transfers’ – a review on the optimal endometrial preparation and timing.
Part 2 – Preparation of the Embryo for transfer and Embryo Transfer techniques

Webinar Objectives

The webinar is intended to provide participants with the core knowledge and introductory skills required to more confidently undertake scientific research in future.

Target Audience

Reproductive clinicians, nurses, counsellors, psychologists, andrologists, embryologists and scientists

Educational needs and expected outcomes

It is assumed that participants wish to better understand the key principles of research publication and will be better prepared to publish their research following this webinar.

Required prior knowledge for participation in webinar

All participants should be experienced in assisted reproduction technology or reproductive biology.

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