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David Morroll PhD

Director of Clinical Support


David has worked as a Clinical Embryologist since 1986, training in Manchester, where he also completed his doctorate studies. He has since managed laboratories in a number of UK IVF units including those in Nottingham, London and Leeds, and consulted to a number of clinics overseas.  He before joined ORIGIO as Director of Embryology in November 2011.

He has previously served as Chair of the UK Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE) and Association of Biomedical Andrologists (ABA), and was involved with several working groups, notably the HFEA Expert Group on Multiple Births after IVF.

David has a keen interest in quality management, including ISO certification and External Quality Assurance. He has also consulted to IVF units in Malta, India, the Philippines and Zimbabwe.  In January 2019, David was appointed to the role of Director of Clinical Support, focusing on post-marketing clinical studies, QA/complaints and laboratory audits.

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