The concept of using electronic witnessing in IVF has been refined over recent years, and today, systems like RI Witness provide an indispensable tool for hundreds of ART-clinics around the world.
Join our webinar on October 27th and hear from four different customers, explaining how they benefit from the many functionalities the system provides, including reducing stress among staff, facilitating performance monitoring and increasing safety and accuracy. They will also discuss how easy it is to implement an electronic witnessing system at your IVF center.

Speaker Topics

Dennis W. Matt, PhD, HCLD
Cryo-tracking of Individual Embryos and Related Biopsy Samples to Enhance Security around Transferring the Correct Embryos

Debbie Venier MS, TS
RI Witness – Analytical Features for Optimizing Your Lab

Dr. Irfan Aslam, MBBS, MPhil, PhD.
The Implementation Process and Staff Acceptance Moving from Manual to Electronic Witnessing

Kristina Heilman
Human Error and its Effects in the IVF Laboratory – How to stay safe