Support For IVF Clinics During
The COVID-19 Pandemic


‘It’s gone viral’: Reducing risk by implementing Good Laboratory Practice

Recorded: 11th May 2020
Duration: 26 min

In this webinar, Steven Fleming, PhD introduced participants to the safe resumption of clinical lab services in the wake of Covid-19 by implementing Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).


Back to the future – Working with gametes, embryos & tissues

Recorded: 6th May 2020
Duration: 13 min

Pandemics such as Covid-19 have impacted many areas of clinical medicine, including assisted reproduction. In this presentation, Carin Huyser, PhD, and embryologist with extensive experience working with blood-borne virus seropositive IVF patients, discusses key aspects of risk minimization and preventative actions in an ART laboratory when managing samples from seropositive patients.



Recorded: 6th May 2020
Duration: 21 min

Safe provision of a clinical service under the threat of infectious diseases requires an understanding of disease pathogens, their detection, and management within the workplace. In this presentation, Jonathan Iredell, PhD, an infectious diseases physician and clinical microbiologist specializing in critical infections and transmission of antibiotic resistance, discusses what we currently know about COVID-19 and its causative agent SARS CoV2 as well as the measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of its transmission.

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