David Chrimes PhD

Director of Global Genomics Business Development


Dr Chrimes is a PhD molecular geneticist with 14 yrs experience in molecular diagnostics. After working at various UK University and Research Institutes in the early 2000s, he joined BlueGnome in Jan 2005.

Dr Chrimes was instrumental in delivering state of the art copy number genomics analysis solutions to the clinical market including the CytoChip and BlueFuse Multi visualization software. Many of these advances were made through the management of research collaborations with leading hospitals in both the UK and USA. In 2008, BlueGnome launched the 24sure product line for aneuploidy testing of embryos and Dr Chrimes used his extensive experience of genomics data analysis to drive the innovation in embryo genomic data to aid interpretation of the sometimes complex data. The result of this innovation is that the vast majority of global PGS is preformed using 24sure/VeriSeq PGS and in 2012 BlueGnome was sold to Illumina.

Dr Chrimes was Associate Director in the Illumina Reproductive Health Group where he continued to innovate genomics analysis including embryo analysis, targeted genomics disease panels through to whole genome sequencing analysis.

In 2016 Dr Chrimes started at Genesis Genetics to help drive advances in their embryo testing and after the acquisition in April 2016 of Genesis Genetics by Cooper Surgical Industries (USA), Dr Chrimes took on a global role as Director of Global Genomics Business Development. This role ensures Dr Chrimes is both driving innovation in genomics testing and also gaining regular insights to the challenges faced by IVF clinics today.

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