The University Hospital Brussels (UZ Brussel) Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) and CooperSurgical fertility companies have formed a new strategic partnership, that aims to improve outcomes for couples and individuals who wish to become pregnant.

The five-year partnership agreement will help advance the quality of reproductive and fertility medicine and practice through artificial reproductive technologies (ART) and genetics training programs.

Starting in March 2018, a training schedule of ten courses will be made available for ART and Women’s Health professionals, from embryologists to gynecologists and obstetricians.

Ronny Janssens, Quality Manager Centre for Reproductive Medicine at UZ Brussel
Ronny Janssens, Quality Manager, CRG

State of the art training

Internationally renowned experts will lead sessions within a clinical setting, where participants can experience and receive instruction on new techniques, procedures and clinical considerations, and be a part of open discussions with their peers.

The training courses will be validated and accredited by CooperSurgical International and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), from which attendees can collect Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) points through certificates of attendance.

Collaboration with research leaders

The partnership will also help fund research and development projects that lead to new solutions, devices, treatments and processes being trialed at CRG.  The data collected from these projects will be shared to help inform future research, developments and patient treatment projects.

“We see multiple benefits coming from this partnership allowing us to further extend our training activities in this field of expertise, to ensure the ongoing development of fertility specialists across the globe.  Allowing clinicians and researchers to practice and perform hands-on clinical and laboratory aspects, and practices of assisted reproductive technologies and surgery, will provide them with the skills, experience and precision needed to increase success rates, benefiting patients,” said UZ Brussel Chief Executive Officer Professor Dr Marc Noppen.

“This new training facility will also guide our approach to reproductive medicine and future research, as this collaboration gives us the opportunity to work closely with a leader in the industry that specializes in medical devices, media, and genetics.”

UZ Brussel Chief Executive Officer, Professor Dr Marc Noppen, and David T Hansen, President of CooperSurgical International, signing partnership documents

David T Hansen, Managing Director of ORIGIO and President of CooperSurgical International said; “UZ Brussel clinicians and researchers are among the global pioneers of our industry and, for many years, we have collaborated on scientific studies. Their input has been crucial in the development of some of our key products.

“We are now looking forward to strengthening this partnership as part of our ongoing commitment to offering training and education within our industry.  It’s our shared aim to discover new processes and treatments that will ultimately lead to improved outcomes in clinics across the world”.