Wallace® Sure-Pro®

Supported Embryo Transfer Catheter

The Sure-Pro embryo transfer catheter feature a supported and soft tipped inner catheter, utilising the Wallace Classic design. You also have the option to use a soft obturator or stylet to help navigate a pathway through the cervical canal, enabling the inner catheter to pass through the uterus.

The sterile triple pouch option allows clinicians to take the outer sheath and the obturator or stylet into the theatre, whilst the embryologist takes the inner catheter sterile pouch to the lab to prepare and load the embryo for transfer. Both products are also available with an additional pouch for the aseptic technique, enabling sterility to be maintained from laboratory to theatre.

Key Features

  • Supported inner catheter for increased control during handling and insertion
  • Pre-formed curve on outer sheath to help navigate the cervical canal
  • Adjustable silicone marker for depth guidance and tip orientation
  • Available with a soft obturator and firm stylet to suit various techniques and patient anatomies
  • Formable outer sheath allowing for accentuation or smoothing of the pre-formed curve


This product is available for sale worldwide. It is not available for sale in Taiwan.

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Pre-formed angle on outer sheath


Supported Wallace Sure-Pro compared with Wallace Classic


Soft hand-crafted tip to facilitate a smooth passage through the cervix


Supplied in a procedural tray to maintain sterility whilst handling 

Product Specifications

Inner catheter inner diameter 0.76mm ID
Inner catheter outer diameter 1.52mm OD
Outer sheath outer diameter 2.5mm OD
Volume of catheter not including hub
(23cm catheter)
0.104ml (104µl)
Volume per cm length of catheter 0.0045ml (4.5µl)
Suggested loading volume 0.5 to 1cm = 2.25 to 4.5µl
Stylet OD 1.52mm OD
Stylet protrusion from outer sheath 2.7mm

Order Codes

Reference Description
PP623 Sure-Pro Soft 23cm Supported Single-Stage – Quantity: 10
PPB623 Sure-Pro Soft 23cm Supported Elective Two-Stage with obturator – Quantity: 10
PPS623 Sure-Pro Soft 23cm Two Stage Embryo Transfer Catheter for Difficult Transfer with stylet Classic – Quantity: 10
PPB623X Sure-Pro Soft 23cm Supported Elective Two-Stage with obturator, triple pouched – Quantity: 10
PPS623X Sure-Pro Soft 23cm Two Stage Embryo Transfer Catheter for Difficult Transfer with stylet Classic, triple pouched – Quantity: 10