Monash University Reproduction and Development (EPRD) Workshop


ORIGIO, in association with Monash University are holding a Workshop in Semen Analysis and Preparation at the Monash University Malaysia campus on 30th March 2017.

This is an Education Program in Reproduction and Development (EPRD) workshop and will result in 5 CPD points of accreditation and a certificate of attendance.

This Education Program in Reproduction and Development (EPRD) short course has been designed for embryologists of all professional levels who are interested in improving not only their theoretical understanding of clinical andrology, but also the practice of obtaining, maintaining, and documenting high levels of competency within the lab.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understanding the principles of semen analysis as defined by the latest World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations
  • Understanding how skill competency can be trained and tracked
  • Understanding the basics of sperm preparation & the aspirational benchmarks to aim towards

The Course Fee: $US395

The course fee provides:

  • Training & supplementary material on a USB
  • A certificate of attendance with 5 CPD points of accreditation
  • Hands-on training in novel sperm analysis techniques (HBA)
  • A chance to network with peers in your field
  • A chance to build relationships with International academic and commercial partners in ART
  • Lunch and coffee/ tea during the course

How to Enroll

To enroll please contact Dr Kiri Beilby on +61 3 8572 2922 or email

To Explore EPRD further, please click here 

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