Join us at FFER Congress in Paris, France, 21-23rd September 2016


Visit the ORIGIO stand at this year’s FFER (French Federation of Embryology and Reproduction) Conference at the Maison de la Chimie Centre de Congrès in Paris, France, September 21-23.

Equipment Demonstrations

You can see demonstrations of RI’s Integra 3™ micromanipulator that has been designed to ensure you create the best possible conditions for ICSI and sample manipulation using Thermosafe™ technology.

You can also get hands on with the Saturn 5 Active™ laser, the first of its kind in the IVF sector, which is spearheading a revolution in hatching and riwitness_heating_009_sit_on_top_web-300x191biopsy techniques for PGD/PGS in laboratories all over the world.
An RI Witness™ ART security and management system will also be on the stand, to demonstrate how it can bring efficiency and peace of mind to staff members and patients at your clinic.

Originally created to eradicate errors that can occur during IVF treatment cycles, it offers essential tools for managing the modern laboratory.

Cryo | Pipettes | Needles & Catheters

The newly launched VitriFit™ open carrier system will be showcased, which is a vitrification carrier for storage of oocytes, embryos and blastocysts designed to maximize efficiency and flexibility, in shape and function.

Using an innovative hexagonal shape it offers 50% improved storage efficiency compared with other open carriers on the market. It has a curved leading area for ease of use and protection of specimens, and allows easy removal of excess medium to reach minimal volume.

pipettes_03_range_inrow_web-300x152At the booth, a large range of pipettes from ORIGIO and RI will include ICSI, Holding, Biopsy, Zona Dissection and Assisted Hatching Micropipettes.

A full range of needles and catheters will also include Single Needles, the ORIGIO suction pump, designed for oocyte aspiration, and a range of catheters for IVF and IUI.

Andrology Symposium

After the congress, on Friday afternoon of the 23rd, ORIGIO’s andrology symposium will take place within the Maison de la Chimie Centre de Congrès from 1.30pm. After canapés, Nelly Frydman will give an opening address at 2.30pm, followed by a great line up of expert French speakers:

2.40pmThe Morphological Classification for Sperm, Isabelle Denis
3.05pmThe MSOME test, what is it’s place in AMP? Christiane Wittemer
3.30pmIs the automation of andrology unavoidable? Jérôme Pfeffer and Ilan Heilikman
3.55pmThe importance of the integrity of sperm DNA: myth or reality? Frida Entezami
4.20pmConclusion with Nelly Frydman

Find out more about the FFER congress program here.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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