Human Gamete Donation Event: Hot Topics Discussed


CooperSurgical companies, ORIGIO and CooperGenomics™, attended Shipping Gametes and Embryos, a one-day scientific meeting, on Saturday 4th February in Milan, Italy.

The growing clinical use of cryopreservation has opened up new perspectives in IVF treatments, and scientists, gamete cryobanks, courier companies, national authorities, and IVF centers convened to discuss hot topics in human gamete donation.

This included legal aspects of gamete and oocyte transportation and the cryopreservation of donor eggs and their storage in egg banks.

VitriFit™ Demonstrations

Continuous growth in the cryo segment led ORIGIO’s product development team to consider storage efficiency as a key feature that may benefit clinics.  Consequently, we were delighted to introduce and demonstrate the VitriFit open carrier system to Italian delegates at this event, which enabled them to find out more about its unique design. Featuring a hexagonal shape, carriers are tightly and safely stacked inside, optimizing storage efficiency.  Customers were also interested in its ease of use and curved loading area.

Other cryopreservation products from our portfolio also featured included Vitrification/Slow Freeze and Warming Kits, and our range of handling devices, including The Stripper®, RI’s EZ-Range, and our IVF Pasteur Pipets.

CarrierMap Presentation

Speakers from across Europe attended the event, discussing a wide range of topics from human cell and tissue import and exports to sperm and oocyte bank set up.  The program included a sponsored talk entitled, Genetic Carrier Screening, presented by Dr Jose Horcajadas.

He informed the audience that everyone carries mutations that can cause genetic disease.  However, current professional guidelines that help identify affected people miss up to 70% of carriers, which is problematic, as our population becomes ever more diverse (with diseases inherent across various ethnicities).

Dr Horcajadas introduced CarrierMap, a comprehensive genetic carrier screen designed to help determine the risk of having a child with a genetic disease, to the attendees. CarrierMap is appropriate for anyone planning a family now or in the future – he explained, particularly prior to egg freezing.  It grants patients a more complete picture of their reproductive options, allowing them to plan better for the future.  It is one of the largest screening panels available, and the service also includes genetic counseling and complimentary PGD when warranted.

Access the Presentation Here

“The event was a great opportunity for us to meet our customers,” said ORIGIO’s Vice President of Scientific Instruments, Services and Diagnostics, Ulrik Sørensen. “It is important for people to know that we offer a seamless service and set of products, from diagnostics right through to cryopreservation.”

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