If you’re attending ESHRE 2019 this year, don’t miss the opportunity to experience CooperSurgiGO.

This year, our prize draw will feature augmented reality that you can experience using your own mobile phone. Augmented reality (AR) is a type of interactive, reality-based display environment that takes the capabilities of computer generated display, sound, text, and effects to enhance the user’s real-world experience.

You can also enter our usual paper-based prize draw if you do not want to play the interactive version.

The aim of CooperSurgiGO

CooperSurgiGO will take you on a journey across our stand, enabling you to find out more about our range of innovative products that help improve ART prognosis and optimize a couple’s chances of having a child. During this journey, you will find various codes and letters that will help form a secret word.

Once you reach the end you will be offered a choice of words, one of which will fit the letters you have been collecting. You will need to submit this word to enter our prize draw to try and win a Scientific Badge for ESHRE 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What you need for CooperSurgiGO

Download the Zappar app on your mobile phone, tablet or app device to join the experience. You can download now, in preparation, or you can do this at the show. Zappar can be downloaded from your smartphone or tablet app store.

Visit our Welcome Desk at the show to collect an Interactive Card that features the first code you need to zap with your device. After zapping this code, follow the screen prompts to view each augmented reality point across our stand. When you arrive at the final point, submit your entry following the prompts on your phone.

Keep the Interactive Card for future use

Don’t throw your Interactive Card away! If you enter our interactive prize draw and tick the box to be added to our ESHRE mailing list, you will receive email updates informing you of exciting news, product updates, and more, that will appear on your card in 3D.

Paper-based journey

You can enjoy our paper-based journey if you do not want to experience CooperSurgiGO. As usual, you will need to collect our ART Journey Map from the Welcome Desk on our stand.

You then need to visit different areas of our booth, to collect stickers and apply the missing icons. Simply return your completed card to the Welcome Desk fish bowl to be entered into the free prize draw.

Winner notification

The winning entry, correctly completed, will be drawn on Monday 1 July and the winner will be notified by email. You can experience CooperSurgiGO or the paper-based journey. However, only one winner will be drawn to receive the ESHRE 2020 Scientific Badge.

See our Terms and Conditions here. Good luck.