ESHRE 2017

Thanks for attending and joining us at our stand for networking, discussions, our insightful speaker sessions, and finding more out about our products, training, and workshops.

Over 10,000 delegates attended the show in Geneva this year, who were invited to explore our IVF Journey Map and discover products to suit every need in ART.

Cryopreservation Update

During his talk at our stand, Dr Lodovico Parmegiani presented data that demonstrates you can use a universal warming protocol with slow frozen or vitrified embryos or oocytes, that differs from the media and method used for freezing.  For example, warming Kitazato-vitrified blastocysts with SAGE media and vice versa.

This optimizes costs, simplifies lab routines and allows embryo exchange between IVF centers.  These findings were presented for the first time at the show, sparking further interest in our SAGE Vitrification Media.

Access data from the RBM Online article here.

View Dr Parmegiani’s presentation and talk using the links below.

Wallace® Needles and Catheters

Previously missing from the CooperSurgical fertility companies portfolio, Wallace catheters – alongside their range of needles, were available to view for the first time at our stand.

Required for the beginning and end of the IVF process, during oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer, they now complete our full IVF range.

The Wallace Classic embryo transfer catheter was the first of its kind, developed by Harry Wallace in the late 1970s.  The materials and specifications have not changed, yet the development of the unique Wallace echogenic ultra-sound catheters enables them to be fully visible under ultrasound.

Check out our ESHRE stand talk given by Professor Charles Kingsland, Consultant Gynecologist at IVI UK, on collecting eggs and transferring embryos using the link below.

Equipment News

Ronny Janssens, Quality Manager at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, UZ Brussel, presented a session as part of the ESHRE program.  Exploring the effect of accurate temperature regulation during incubation on embryo quality after ICSI, his team used a K-Systems G210 InviCell Incubator.

They found fertilization rates and embryo quality were comparable between the 36.6°C and 37.1°C arm. However, ongoing pregnancy and implantation rates were higher after incubation at 37.1°C

They concluded that modern direct-heat bench-top incubators with individual incubation chambers allow extremely stable temperatures and fast recovery after lid openings, which many see as the future for embryo culture.  His study indicated that strict temperature control during incubation is required to obtain excellent results.

View the extract

IVF Expert Speakers

Working closely with key opinion leaders within the IVF and genetics fields, it was an honor to host a number of talks on our stand.

A selection of these talks are available to view on our YouTube channel:

Professor Kingsland, Collecting Eggs & Transferring Embryos: Past, Present & Future

Presenting the key features of needles and catheters that are needed for smooth processes

Dr Troup, An 8-Year Snapshot of Insightful Data using RI Witness™: A Necessity for your Lab

Highlighting sample mix-ups are still prevalent and how using RFID can help prevent errors

Dr Parmegiani, Universal Warming Protocol for Human Reproductive Cells

Showing data that supports the use of an innovative procedure to warm cells/tissue irrespective of the freezing protocol

You can also review a selection of these presentations on our SlideShare page.

If you attended our ESHRE Welcome Reception, the photos from this event are now available on our Facebook page

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