G95 Portable Incubator

Short term portable incubation for safe transport of oocytes, embryos and other cells from fluctuations in temperature, pH and light conditions.

  • The battery ensures a correct temperature level for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Can be connected to a 12V outlet in a vehicle for longer transport
  • Temperature settings from ambient to 42.9°C and has a temperature accuracy of+/-0.2°C
  • Pre-mixed gas connection with quick-snap valve
  • Incl. two fixation inserts to fix warming blocks during transport


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The well-designed unit has a built-in battery, which enables the G95 to maintain a correct and stable temperature level up to 4 hours.
The incubator can be connected to a 12 volt socket (cigarette lighter socket) in a vehicle for longer transport.

The temperature range can be set from ambient to 42.9°C.
The chamber of the portable incubator can be purged with the desired gas mixture and is easily disconnected from the quick-snap valve located at the back of the G95.

The G95 portable incubator is ideal for field work or for transporting living cells between satellite labs.

Culture dishes and/or test tubes are placed and tightened into interchangeable warming blocks for safe transport.

Warming Blocks Compatible with the G95 Portable Incubator

B06 Ø12 mm

B08 Ø17 mm







Product Specifications

Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 101x117x125mm
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 245x220x315mm
Weight 5 kg

Order Codes

Order Number Description
K22076 G95 Portable Incubator
Warming Blocks Compatible with the G95 Portable Incubator
Order Number Description
26006 B06 Ø12 mm
26008 B08 Ø17 mm
26059 B16F
26060 B16N
26027 B24
26028 B25
26029 B28
26030 B29