AV1 Anti Vibration Table

Designed and developed to meet the requirements of ICSI Procedures.

The Anti Vibration Table AV1 is able to handle heavy and less heavy inverted microscopes.  The Spring system can be tuned to the optimal resonance frequency.

Vibrations are eliminated by a complex anti vibration system achieved through an optimized choice of mass and stiffness supports and ensures a fast dampening effect.

The inverted microscope is placed on an equilibrated and isolated platform, which gives a smooth and roomy work space around the microscope for micromanipulation, equipment, mini incubators, patient records etc.

The system is well damped, using coloumb-friction-damping.  Working range 15-72 kg.


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Key Features

The table is adjustable for all available models of inverted microscopes incl. motorized models

Enhance the use of the anti vibration table and work with an incorporated monitor arm.

The microscope platform of the anti vibration table does not touch the actual table. The results is that vibrations reaching the table do not affect the platform

A mass and a stiff support spring system to ensure fast dampening

An equilibrated and isolated platform for the inverted  microscope

Roomy workspace around the inverted microscope for  micromanipulating systems

Space for mini incubator

Stainless steel shelf for accessories

Monitor on a flexible arm (optional)

Work with microscopes from 15-72 kg.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1200x700x780 mm
Load 15 – 72kg
Weight 100 kg

Order Codes

Order Number Description
13000 AV1 Antivibration Table