Join us at the 9th Congress of the Asia Pacific Institute on Reproduction in Hong Kong, China

We will be showcasing products from our extensive portfolio range of cutting-edge genetic tests, IVF solutions and gynecological products used during the ART process. Highlights of the show will include our sperm selection products that use Hyaluronan, culture media oil, and how to optimize the vitrification process.


Friday 3 May

Learn more about how our ERPeakSM endometrial receptivity test offers accurate and reliable detection of the receptivity status of a woman’s endometrium, helping you decide when to transfer an embryo for the best chance of pregnancy.

Saturday 4 May

Studies have shown that using Hyaluronan based sperm selection methods gives significant improvement on major benchmarks such as embryo development and miscarriage rates. Find out more on our stand.

Sunday 5 May

Don’t miss our symposium with the following program: