Quinn’s Advantage Serum Protein Substitute

A protein supplement that provides the beneficial growth-promoting activities of albumin and α- and β-globulins.


This product is available for sale in the U.S.A and selected countries in the rest of the world. It is not for sale in Europe and Australia.


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Order Codes

Reference Description Size
ART-3010 Quinn’s Advantage™ Serum Protein Substitute 12 x 12 ml
ART-3011 Quinn’s Advantage™ Serum Protein Substitute 100 ml
50 mg/mL total protein (weight/volume) in saline solution; the protein is in the form of 88% normal human serum albumin and 12% α- and β-globulins
Filter-sterilized and tested for pH, osmolarity, and endotoxins

Single-cell mouse embryo tested