Quinn’s Advantage Sequential Media

The Quinn’s Advantage Sequential Media is designed to combine the most beneficial components of currently available media formulations to emulate the in vivo conditions of the embryo during development to the blastocyst stage. The Quinn’s Advantage Sequential Media product line was the first clinically proven sequential media system designed to optimize the in vitro environment for embryo development.

Quinn’s Advantage™ Fertilization Media was developed to optimize fertilization rates.Today’s most advanced human tubal fluid (HTF), designed for versatility across a wide range of IVF applications, including ART procedures, fertilization of human oocytes, and embryo culture.

Quinn’s Advantage Cleavage Medium meets embryonic metabolism requirements with minimum glucose levels and is phosphate-free. The product also contains alanyl-glutamine, nonessential amino acids, taurine, and citrate.

Quinn’s Advantage Blastocyst Medium combines essential and nonessential amino acids, alanyl-glutamine, taurine, vitamins, phosphate, and high glucose levels, providing nutritional and physiological needs to developing embryos.

Key Features

  • Alanyl-glutamine – a stable form of glutamine that does not break down into ammonium – also provides alanine, which is necessary for embryo development
  • Taurine acts as an antioxidant, eliminating the extreme effects of cell metabolism
  • Clinically proven to provide improved cleavage rates, reduced embryo fragmentation, improved morphological scores, and produce more embryos for transfer and cryopreservation1


This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A, China and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.


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Order Codes

Reference Description Size Shelf Life
ART-1020 Quinn’s Advantage™ Fertilization (HTF) Medium 50ml 70 Days from Date of Manufacture
ART-1021 Quinn’s Advantage™ Fertilization (HTF) Medium 100ml 70 Days from Date of Manufacture
ART-1026 Quinn’s Advantage™ Cleavage Medium 50ml 70 Days from Date of Manufacture
ART-1027 Quinn’s Advantage™ Cleavage Medium 100ml 70 Days from Date of Manufacture
ART-1029 Quinn’s Advantage™ Blastocyst Medium 50ml 70 Days from Date of Manufacture