Standard Count Disposable Analysis Chamber

Cleaner, higher-quality glass and a unique design deliver more uniform semen samples and more accurate counts.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the causes of clumping, providing a more uniform sample and more accurate counts
  • Optimized chamber shape for rapid loading, even distribution and accuracy for all samples
  • Specially-treated, higher-quality glass – offers greater clarity, no pitting
  • Manufactured in a Cleanroom environment – reduces particulate contamination
  • Integrated air vent design to ensure even loading of all samples – even your viscous samples


This product is available for sale in the U.S.A only.


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Order Codes

Reference Description
LP-SC-100-01-02-A6 Leja Standard Count Slides, 25/pk, 100micron-2 chamber
LP-SC-10-01-04-B Leja Standard Count Slides, 10micron-4 chamber
LP-SC-20-01-C Leja Standard Count Slides, 25/pk, 20micron-2 chamber