The complete cryo management solution

The Embryo OptionsSM platform is making a difference in more than 100 partner clinics. Read this use case to discover why.

In this use case, you will learn more about how Embryo Options:

  • Alleviates time-consuming administrative cryo storage related tasks
  • Ensures data consistency and connectivity in the clinic
  • Provides clinics with real-time insights into financial performance
  • Engaging patients reducing abandonment rate

QuoteMarks-blueThere is such continuity. I don’t have to check paper documents or the clinic’s database for notes: all are consolidated on this one site, and everybody associated with it – the clinic, the financial person, and the hospital billing person – can all see the same thing.
IVF Lab Supervisor at Saint Luke’s ART lab – Leilani Castleman

QuoteMarks-blueAnother big advantage was the fact that all of the information is prepopulated on the consent forms. So, we’re not having any transcription errors. We’re not having scientists accidentally putting down the wrong freeze dates or the wrong patient IDs
Embryologist at No.1 Fertility – Crystal Goundar

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