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Welcome to the next level in cryo-billing and management

Embryo Options is a digital cryopreservation billing and management platform that enables you to reduce cryo-related workload, improve cash collections, and empower your patients.

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Automated Billing

An automated billing system that reduces time-consuming payment follow-ups and invoice inaccuracy, and helps enhance collection rates.


Financial Clinic Overview

Easier access to comprehensive data on clinic accounts, billing, and end of storage activities, supporting easily generated financial reports and
analytics within the clinic dashboard.


Integrated Cryo Management

Streamline material management, patient notifications and financial reporting, optimize tank space and accurate, timely confirmation emails for improved overall efficiency.


Digital Patient Engagement

A user-friendly platform for patients and clinics, providing easy access to information, educational resources, and consolidated patient data to
empower informed patient decision-making and enhance engagement.