L234 CellTouch

The Next Generation Class II Workstation

L234 CellTouch gives protection to both your samples and to the operator

The L234 is a biosafety cabinet – protecting both the sample and the operator.
It is designed as a single workplace with the mounting of the stereomicroscope either left or right.
Large heated area with a Ø90 mm heated glass in light opening.
The L234 IVF is controlled by a built in touch screen module.

Standard Features

Touch Screen with quick overview of all functions
Stainless Steel Table Top
Integrated Alu Heat System
Mounting Assembly for most Stereo Microscopes
Microscope Light Opening with Heated Glass Ø90
Integrated Gassing and Humidification System
Electrical Outlet inside the cabinet
Support Stand


Key Features of IVF Workstations 200 Series

Class II compliant

The air is recirculated in a Hepa-filter system where 70% is being recirculated and 30% is filtered out to ensure Grade A air quality

HEPA filter classification H-14 according to DIN EN 1822 removes at least 99.995 % of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns

ALU Heat System with 3 individual temperature sensors to ensure high temperature stability at +/- 0.4 °C over the work area (6 sensors in L226 Dual)

Incorporated K-SYSTEMS Heated Glass Stage at temperature stability +/-0.7 oC

Airflow 0.36 m/s

Operator and ergonomically friendly

Various optional features

Standard Features for IVF Workstations 200 Series

New improved Air Flow

As a Class II cabinet the air flow pattern complies with EN 12469.

A number of strategically placed cut outs ensure increased and correct air intake.

Along with a new improved fan technology this ensures a high down flow with a average flow rate above 0.30 m/s (required 0.25).

The L234 IVF is controlled by a built in touch screen module


Monitor your heat zones


Access to present and historical user interactions


Plan your week and save energy


Quick response to problems(alarms)

Heated Area

K-SYSTEMS well proven Alu HeatTM System provides the most precise temperature control.

  • The heat distribution is controlled in
    • 4 + 1 heating zones in L234 CellTouch
  • Calibration of each heating zone can be seen and adjusted at the main control panel.
  • Each heating zone is individual calibrated with specialized software to monitor each zone and ensure a uniform heat distribution.
  • The unique design of the Alu Heat systems ensures excellent heat transfer to the samples and avoidance of temperature overshoot.
  • The unit temperature is constantly being displayed on the front panel of the work area.

Alu Heat System with 4+1 zones and Edge Enhancement system is standard in L234

RI Witness

RI Witness uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to monitor all critical work carried out in the Laboratory, creating a complete record of each stage of a patients cycle.

RI Witness is watching, tracking and recording all of the time and Locks the patients identity to the sperm, eggs and embryos at every stage of the treatment.

The system also actively prevents patients samples coming into proximity with those of other patients and gives everyone peace of mind that the best possible processes are being employed.

Learn More About RI Witness

Heated Glass Stage

K-SYSTEMS has developed and produced a controlled heating temperature system which is integrated in the microscope light opening.

  • Light opening Ø90 mm standard L100 and L200 series
  • Excellent heat distribution and stability
  • Robust and cost efficient


Heated Glass Stage Ø90 mm with integrated LED.

Temperature accuracy of +/- 0.4oC

Outstanding heating technology

As embryos are sensitive to temperature fluctuations a controlled heating temperature system is integrated in the microscope light opening. The system is controlled on the control panel and provides the highest stability possible of the media in the culture dishes during microscopy.

All L100 have heated glass Ø90 mm as standard feature.

The Gassing and Humidification System  — Maintain the pH in the media during operations.

External Humidified Gas System GH01

K-SYSTEMS offers in the workstations L200 series a stand alone external humidified gas system.

The system is plugged into the inner wall and has a digital flow meter and a choice of  flow rate between 0-50 litres per hour.

The flow is adjusted on the analog proportional needle valve, positioned on the side of the cabinet for easy access.

The water for humidification of the gas is heated up to 39.5 °C by a heating element

The level (39.5 °C) ensures approximately 37.5 °C at the exit poni of the supplied length of tubing

Optional Features for IVF Workstations 200 Series

Stands for IVF Workstations

Stand with shelf for computer for your IVF Workstation

Integration of the computer in the support stand of your Workstation will offer you several advantages.

  • More easy cleaning under and around the Workstation
  • Cables and fittings becomes integrated part of the support stand
  • No more loose hanging cables
  • All details prepared to ensure a high level of usability

Ergonomic elevation support stand for your IVF Workstation.

The K-SYSTEMS® Support Stand with Electrical Adjustable Height will offer you maximum comfort, either sitting or standing


  • Adjust the work height exactly to your need with this smooth non-step elevation system
  • A simple touch of the button will adjust precisely the work height in the range of: 790-1110 mm
  • Stability and safety developed in accordance with EN 61010 assures high stability also at highest elevation level
  • The use of high quality components ensures the highest level of usability
    Compatible with existing 100 and 200 series Workstations (except MP and ICSI versions)


K-Systems Monitor

Fully Sealed 19″ high resolution monitor.
An excellent tool for viewing, training and education.
The viewing panel of glas is designed to non disturbance of the air flow and easy to clean.
The monitor supports most of the signals coming from modern digital cameras and supports DVI, HDMI as well as analog signals.
Connect the monitor to your external PC and you bring the pictures right into your office or meeting room.

Light Source with LED Light

LS114 LED for 200 series.

Developed for the Class II IVF workstations, having a larger light opening giving full unlimited and undisturbed illumination.

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
1246x735x2020 mm
250 kg
Table size
1225×490 mm
Standard Working Height
835 mm — 860 mm
Average Down Flow rate
0,30 m/s
Microscope position Optional.
Left or right side
AluHeat Technology
Electrically controlled heating system with edge enhancement
User interface
Touch screen
User interface functions
Digital temperature and flow read-out, internal and external datalogger, temperature setpoint, cali­bration, timer, alarms, warning for next service
Main switch, mains, CO2 gas, Ethernet, alarm
Visual and audible alarm for out of range temperature and air velocity.
Main HEPA Filter
Classification H-14
Exhaust Filter
(HEPA) H14
Sound Level
57 ± 2 dB(A)
IP class
Interior light
T8 15W cool White
EN 12469, UL approved

Order codes for additional features and options of the L234 CellTouch Workstation

Order Number  Description
23052 Alu Heat System Model T1045 R — 430mm x 1045mm
53176 Alu Heat System Model T1645 R — 430mm x 1645mm
12180 Integrated shelf for keyboard
53794 LS114 LED Light Source
11180 Monitor
11179 Micro Incubator
11167 Heated Pass Through Tunnel