Webinar Date: December 03

Webinar description

Join Tony Gordon, PhD and our specialist panellists as they discuss their experiences with PGT-A, and how PGT-A testing has evolved so that different PGT-A tests are not the same.
We’ll be posing the ‘big’ questions to our panellists:

  • How can they ensure they give each patient the best chance of success?
  • How can they reduce early pregnancy loss?
  • How can they be sure they are using an accurate PGT-A result?

We anticipate a lively and thought-provoking discussion. Questions from participants are encouraged throughout.

Target audience


Session One 5.30-6.30pm CET/4.30-5.30pm GMT/11.30am-12.30pm EST/8.30-9.30am PST REGISTER NOW