G603 Work Chamber

Minimise the stress on embryos

The G603 combines the characterics of a K-Systems workstation with an incubator like environment making it ideal for:
• The aspiration room for retrieval processes
• In larger IVF clinics for transport between the Aspiration room and the Embryo lab
• Work procedures in the IVF lab

Key Features

  • The integrated gas mixing system mixes the CO₂ and O₂ to your preferred level of mixture
  • Mixing range for CO₂: 2-10%, for O₂: 2-20%
  • The re-circulated, humidified and warmed gas combined with the Alu Heat system assures a stable temperature in the entire Work area
  • The re-circulated gas has a Grade A quality achieved by circulation through a HEPA filter, a VOC filter, and a closed UV light chamber
  • Air entering through the side ports during opening is absorbed by an upward suction
  • Wheels
  • Easily changeable cuffs
  • Easily access through side doors
  • Can be prepared for a variety of microscopes
  • Data logging and alarm software included
  • Outlets for USB, HDMI
  • Sample ports for external validation of CO₂ and O₂
  • Humidity up to 60%
  • Electrical adjustable height, range: 75-115 cm.
  • Soft Support pads for arm rest.


Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
946x817x1720 mm
940×500 mm
Standard Working Height
750 mm — 1150 mm
Distance from tabletop to HEPA-filter
330 — 470 mm
Power Consumption
483 watt
Mains Voltage
230VAC or 115 VAC
Mains Frequency
50Hz/60Hz or 60Hz
Required Power
2.1 A / 4.2 A
Order Number Description
25000 G603 Work Chamber