VitriFitTM  Open Carrier

Maximize efficiency using minimal storage space with VitriFit

VitriFit is an open system vitrification carrier for storage of oocytes, embryos and blastocysts. It works for all stages and with all media kits.

The hexagonal shape allows VitriFit™ carriers to be packed tighter to optimize storage space efficiency. The handle and cap are made from the same material and are designed for a perfect fit at all temperatures. The loading area is curved for specimen protection and to ease loading and removal of excess medium.

Key Features

  • For open system vitrification
  • Designed for optimal storage efficiency
  • Curved loading area for specimen protection
  • Cap and handle designed for perfect fit during storage
  • Works with all media systems


This product is available for sale in Europe and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world. It is not available for sale in the U.S.A.
Please always contact your local representative to confirm availability.




The hexagonal shape allows VitriFit carriers to be packed tighter during storage than popular vitrification carriers on the market, thereby improving storage efficiency by up to 50% compared to popular open vitrification carriers.

Survival rates for specimen obtained with VitriFit compared to popular open carrier alternative.

Watch the video to learn how our VitriFit™ open carrier, is designed to maximize efficiency and flexibility – both in shape and function.

Features that enhance VitriFit’s ease of use

Reference Description
 42782001  VitriFit Clear – Box of 20
 42785005  VitriFit Clear – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42792001  VitriFit Blue – Box of 20
 42795005  VitriFit Blue – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42802001  VitriFit Green – Box of 20
 42805005  VitriFit Green – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42812001  VitriFit Yellow – Box of 20
 42815005  VitriFit Yellow – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42822001  VitriFit Lime – Box of 20
 42825005  VitriFit Lime – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42842001  VitriFit Purple – Box of 20
 42845005  VitriFit Purple – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42852001  VitriFit Orange – Box of 20
 42855005  VitriFit Orange – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)
 42862001  VitriFit Pink – Box of 20
 42865005  VitriFit Pink – Box of 50 (10 pouches with 5 units)