RI Micropipettes

Research Instruments was founded in 1962. As a global leader in micromanipulation equipment technology, the company moved into the fertility industry in the early 1980s. Working closely with pioneers in the field RI refined its micromanipulators to meet the needs of those perfecting ground breaking techniques such as ICSI.

Based on customer requests and as a natural extension of the micromanipulator and laser products, RI later marketed high quality micropipettes 

Key Features

  • Finished product rigorously tested by 1-cell MEA, LAL and HSSA.  Each micropipette is individually inspected 5 times during manufacture
  • Super sharp, non-sticky, with consistent geometries
  • Wide range of sizes and angles designed for all your assisted reproduction applications
  • RI Pipettes have a shelf life of three years as standard
  • Packed into the high quality Twista-pak™ which provides protection from tip damage and operates like a lipstick. The simple twisting action allows easy access and ensures neither end of the micropipette is touched during removal


This product is available for sale in selected countries worldwide.

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RI Biopsy Micropipettes

RI Biopsy micropipettes (B) are used to remove tissue from embryos or oocytes for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

RI offers these micropipettes in three profiles – flat, non-spiked or spiked.

Available in a range of ID sizes suitable for a variety of biopsies including polar body (usually 14µm ID), blastomere and trophectoderm biopsies (usually between 20-40µm ID).

Each biopsy micropipette is fire polished to minimise damage to the cell membrane.

RI Assisted Hatching Micropipettes

RI assisted hatching micropipettes (AH) are used to direct acidic solution (acid tyrodes) onto the zona pellucida to thin the zona or create a hole to enable the embryo to hatch.

RI Injection Micropipettes

RI ICSI injection micropipettes can be used to immobilise, then inject spermatozoa into the cytoplasm of an oocyte during ICSI and intracytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection (IMSI).

Our ICSI injection micropipettes are designed for the smoothest control of sperm injection and cytoplasm suction, and to minimise damage to the oocyte.  Multiple sperm can be loaded and injected.

Injection micropipettes from RI are available with a spike (SI) or without a spike (NI) and in 2 different glass thicknesses – 1µm (standard) or 0.9µm (thin – T code).

For human ART, the larger 8µm ID injection micropipette is ideal for collecting sperm from a testicular tissue sample prior to ICSI and is only available in thin (T code) glass.

RI Zona Dissection Micropipettes

RI zona dissection micropipettes (MD) are used to mechanically cut an opening in the zona pellucida of an oocyte or embryo to enable assisted hatching and biopsy.  The micropipette is designed with a sharp tip and a strong taper section for easy control and precise manipulation.

RI Holding Micropipettes

These micropipettes are designed for anchoring the oocyte or embryo during ICSI or other micromanipuation procedures.A smooth fire polished tip cradles the cells gently and securely.  32µm large holding micropipettes are available with a 30° and 35° bend angle.

Part No.(box of 20) Pipette Type Finish Style Tip Angle Internal Diameter (microns) Outer Diameter (microns) Distance tip to bend (mm)
7-71-AH30/20 Assisted Hatching Flat 30 10 16 0.75
7-71-MD30/20 Zona Dissection No Option 30 N/A N/A 0.75
7-71-T5NI30/20 ICSI Non-Spiked Injection Non-Spiked 30 5 6.8 0.75
7-71-T4SI30/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 30 4 5.8 0.75
7-71-T4SI30L/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 30 4 5.8 1
7-71-T5SI30/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 30 5 6.8 0.75
7-71-T5SI30L/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 30 5 6.8 1
7-71-T4SI35/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 35 4 5.8 0.75
7-71-T4SI35L/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 35 4 5.8 1
7-71-T5SI35/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 35 5 6.8 0.75
7-71-T5SI35L/20 ICSI Spiked Injection Spiked 35 5 6.8 1
7-71-IH35/20 ICSI Holding Flat 35 15 106 0.75
7-71-LH20/20 Large Holding Flat 20 25 127 0.75
7-71-LH30/20 Large Holding Flat 30 25 127 0.75
7-71-32H30/20 Large Holding(XL) Flat 30 32 180 0.75
7-71-LH35/20 Large Holding Flat 35 25 127 0.75
7-71-32H35/20 Large Holding(XL) Flat 35 32 180 0.75
7-71-20FB30/20 Biopsy Flat 30 20 30 0.75
7-71-25FB30/20 Biopsy Flat 30 25 36 0.75
7-71-30FB30/20 Biopsy Flat 30 30 44 0.75
7-71-35FB30/20 Biopsy Flat 30 35 50 0.75
7-71-14FB35/20 Biopsy Flat 35 14 23 0.75
7-71-20FB35/20 Biopsy Flat 35 20 30 0.75
7-71-25FB35/20 Biopsy Flat 35 25 36 0.75
7-71-30FB35/20 Biopsy Flat 35 30 44 0.75
7-71-35FB35/20 Biopsy Flat 35 35 50 0.75