Olga Razina

Olga Razina MSc

Embryology Advisor


Olga graduated in 1999 as a MSc in Biology with specialization in embryology, from the Moscow State University in Russia. She has since worked as a clinical embryologist leading to over 20 years of experience in human IVF. Olga helped to set up several IVF Laboratories in Russia and collaborated in research activities in human embryology. Olga was Lab manager in the state IVF clinic in Moscow.

She before joined ORIGIO Russia in 2010 to assist embryologists in the setup of their laboratories, to perform audits and to advice on the flow of different laboratory processes. Olga organized multiple workshops at the Training Lab in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Olga has a keen interest in sperm selection, vitrification of oocytes, embryos and blastocysts as well as trophectoderm biopsy for PGT.
In 2019 Olga joined CooperSurgical Fertility Companies as the Embryology advisor for Russia, the Nordic and the Baltic areas.

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