Feny Gadhia MSc

Clinical Embryologist

CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions

Feny Gadhia completed her BSc in Life Sciences and Biochemistry in 2015 and continued to pursue her Master’s in Clinical Embryology at the University of Oxford. She joined Nova IVI Fertility in India and mastered all the ART procedures carried out in an IVF Laboratory including ICSI and Vitrification.  She was promoted to an Embryologist position where she further trained in advance techniques like Embryo Biopsy and Oocyte Vitrification. During her 3 years tenure at Nova, Feny also supervised and trained Junior Embryologist for various procedures in the Laboratory.

In 2019, Feny joined CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomics as a Clinical Embryologist. She is responsible for Training at the Center of Excellence at CooperSurgical, Mumbai and is also involved in customer training and troubleshooting in Laboratory. Feny has a keen interest in Vitrification and Quality control in IVF Laboratory.