The STRIPPER family of products meets all the needs of a clinical IVF laboratory.

STRIPPER tips are designed to be flexible, unbreakable, and will not scratch culture dishes. All sizes necessary for oocyte denudation, manipulation and transfer of embryos or cumulus oocyte complexes, as well as for PGD/blastomere work are available.


This product is available for sale in selected countries worldwide.

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Key Features

  • The STRIPPER is your trusted brand for denudation, manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryos
  • Safe and easy to use, since 1999
  • STRIPPER tips are available in our EZ DISPENSE® tube of 20 tips, or as individually packed tips in sealed blister packs in a box of 20.
  • STRIPPER pipetters are available in a variety of ergonomic handles to match every preference.
  • Use the Stripper PGD sampler with 50 um tips for handling biopsied material
  • Use the Stripper CC with 1000 um tips for handling oocyte-cumulus complexes

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Order Codes

Reference Description
MXL3-STR The STRIPPER® Micropipetter
MXL3-STR-CGR The STRIPPER® Micropipetter with Free Standing Comfort Grip
MXL3-75 Tips – 75μm (20/pk)
MXL3-100 Tips – 100μm (20/pk)
MXL3-125 Tips – 125μm (20/pk)
MXL3-135 Tips – 135μm (20/pk)
MXL3-150 Tips – 150μm (20/pk)
MXL3-175 Tips – 175μm (20/pk)
MXL3-200 Tips – 200μm (20/pk)
MXL3-275 Tips – 275μm (20/pk)
MXL3-600 Tips – 600μm (20/pk)
MXL3-PLG The STRIPPER® Plunger Replacement
MXL3-ORK The STRIPPER® Repair Kit (includes O-rings, Spacer, Collett)
STRIPPER Tips – Individual Pack
Reference Description
MXL3-IND-50 Tips – 50μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-75 Tips – 75μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-100 Tips – 100μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-125 Tips – 125μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-135 Tips – 135μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-150 Tips – 150μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-175 Tips – 175μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-200 Tips – 200μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-275 Tips – 275μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-600 Tips – 600μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
MXL3-IND-CC Tips – 1000μm (20/pk, individually packaged)
Reference Description
MXL3-STR-CC The STRIPPER® CC Micropipetter
MXL3-CC STRIPPER® CC Tips -1000μm (20/pk)
MXL3-ORK-CC The STRIPPER® CC O-Ring Repair Kit
Reference Description
MXL3-STR-PGD The STRIPPER® PGD Micropipetter
MXL3-STR-PGD-CG The STRIPPER® PGD Micropipetter with Comfort Grip
MXL3-50 Tips – 50µm (20/pk)
MXL3-PLG-PGD The STRIPPER® PGD Plunger Replacement
The STRIPPER Accessories
Reference Description
MXL3-CGR Comfort Grip