ICSI Pipettes

ICSI micropipettes are used to aspirate and inject the sperm directly into the oocyte.
The combined offer of ORIGIO and The Pipette Company provides a large selection of ICSI pipettes to fit all user preferences, including angle choices, bevel length, inner diameter and taper.


These products are available for sale in selected countries worldwide.

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Choose from the largest range of standard ICSI pipettes ever offered – all carefully designed to meet your preferences and help you optimize outcomes.

TPC Sharp-Blunt Spike™ Pipette

• Extra long parallel taper, specifically designed for very fine fluid control and suction during use

• Sharp-Blunt Spike for easy penetration of the zona pellucida and gentle progression through the oolemma to minimize risk of tearing

ORIGIO SlimLine Pipet

• Short taper for added stability when injecting

• Smaller inner diameter to minimize the impact on the oocyte

Order Codes

ORIGIO ICSI Micropipettes

ICSI Micropipets with Spike (10 per box)
Reference Description Bevel Length ID
MIC-50-0 Straight ICSI 8-10μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-50-20 20º angled ICSI 8-10μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-50-25 25° angled ICSI 8-10μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-50-30 30° angled ICSI 8-10μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-50-35 35° angled ICSI 8-10μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-50-45 45° angled ICSI 8-10μm 5.0-5.7μm


Reference Description Bevel Length ID
MIC-SI-0 Straight ICSI 10-11μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-SI-20 20º angled ICSI 10-11μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-SI-25 25° angled ICSI 10-11μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-SI-30 30° angled ICSI 10-11μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-SI-35 35° angled ICSI 10-11μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-SI-45 45° angled ICSI 10-11μm 5.0-5.7μm


Reference Description Bevel Length ID
MIC-35-0 Straight ICSI 11-12μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-35-20 20º angled ICSI 11-12μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-35-25 25° angled ICSI 11-12μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-35-30 30° angled ICSI 11-12μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-35-35 35° angled ICSI 11-12μm 5.0-5.7μm
MIC-35-45 45° angled ICSI 11-12μm 5.0-5.7μm


ICSI SlimLine (updated taper design)
Reference Description Bevel Length ID
MIC-SLM-0 Straight ICSI 10-12μm 4.3-4.9μm
MIC-SLM-20 20º angled ICSI 10-12μm 4.3-4.9μm
MIC-SLM-25 25° angled ICSI 10-12μm 4.3-4.9μm
MIC-SLM-30 30° angled ICSI 10-12μm 4.3-4.9μm
MIC-SLM-35 35° angled ICSI 10-12μm 4.3-4.9μm
MIC-SLM-45 45° angled ICSI 10-12μm 4.3-4.9μm


Larger ICSI Micropipets (10 per box)
Reference Description Bevel Length ID
MIC-8-20 20º angled ICSI 8-10μm 6.2-7.0μm
MIC-8-25 25° angled ICSI 8-10μm 6.2-7.0μm
MIC-8-30 30° angled ICSI 8-10μm 6.2-7.0μm
MIC-8-35 35° angled ICSI 8-10μm 6.2-7.0μm
MIC-8-40 40° angled ICSI 8-10μm 6.2-7.0μm


Standard Spermatid ICSI Micropipets (10 per box)
Reference Description Bevel Length ID
MIC-9-20 20º angled ICSI 9-11μm 6.6-7.9μm
MIC-9-25 25° angled ICSI 9-11μm 6.6-7.9μm
MIC-9-30 30° angled ICSI 9-11μm 6.6-7.9μm
MIC-9-35 35° angled ICSI 9-11μm 6.6-7.9μm

TPC ICSI Micropipettes

Reference Pipette Type Finish Style Tip Angle Internal Diameter (microns) Distance tip to bend (mm)
LISR Standard Injection –  30° Bevel 30 5 µm 1mm
LICR-TA35 Standard Injection –  30° Bevel 35 5 µm 1mm
LICR-TA25 Standard Injection –  30° Bevel 25 5 µm 1mm
LICR-TA20 Standard Injection –  30° Bevel 20 5 µm 1mm
LISL Left Handed Injection –  30° Bevel Left Handed 30 5 µm 1mm
LICR-SBS Short Spike Injection –  30° Bevel Shorter Spike 30 5 µm 1mm
LICR-ID4 Small ID Injection – 24° Bevel 30 4 µm 1mm
LICR-ID4TA30 Small ID Injection – 24° Bevel 30 4 µm 0.6mm
LICR-ID4TL0.6 Small ID Injection – 24° Bevel 35 4 µm 0.61mm
LICR-OD5 Small ID Injection –  20° Bevel No Spike 30 4 µm 1mm

Why would you use a spiked injection pipette over a non-spiked pipette?

It is a matter of personal preference. Some embryologists feel that because the non-spiked has a longer bevel it could be damaging, so choose the spiked injection micropipette because it has a shorter bevel with a spike to help it penetrate the wall of the egg.

How does the SlimLine (MIC-SLM) differ from the standard ICSI needle?

The largest difference is in the taper design. The SlimLine taper is more parallel than the standard taper, which is somewhat conical. The length of the taper in the two types is the same.
The Slimline also has a small inner diameter of 4.3-4.9 µm, which is below the diameter of a standard ICSI pipette of 5-5.5 µm.
This design is chosen for minimally invasive ICSI procedures.

I am finding it difficult to control the flow in the ICSI pipette, do you have any suggestions on how to improve that?

The flow in the micropipette is most gentle and subtle in a long, fine tapered pipette. The longest option available in our range is from TPC.

Which is the best bend angle to use?

It doesn’t matter as long as it is aligned with the toolholder. A lower bend angle will restrict the accessible area in high-sided Petri dishes.