Join us in Madrid for the 9th ASEBIR Congress, where CooperSurgical Companies will be sponsoring an exciting symposium entitled “New Technologies and Advances in Assisted Reproduction”.

We are bringing together some of the leading global ART experts – including representatives from the prestigious IVI Group, the largest assisted reproduction group in the world – to discuss some of the hot topics in the field right now, including quality management and lab optimization, with a particular focus on PGS.

Join us to hear from Dr Stephen Troup (Scientific Director, IVI UK) about how RI Witness™ ART security and management system can bring efficiency and peace of mind to staff members and patients at your clinic.

Originally created to eradicate errors that can occur during IVF treatment cycles, RI Witness can also act as a quality management system, offering essential tools for managing the modern laboratory. In his talk, Stephen will give a taster of how the analytics functionality can help you dig deeper into a lab’s data, identifying possible underlying issues and providing a detailed picture of how to improve outcomes.

Following Dr Troup’s talk, Dr Colleen Lynch (CooperGenomicsSM) will explain the role of biopsy in the embryology laboratory and provide expert advice for establishing a PGS service in your clinic.

As well as underlining the importance of providing embryologists with correct training, Colleen will highlight other important areas for optimization within the lab. Her talk will discuss how optimizing protocols for blastocyst culture and vitrification cooling and warming can maximize blastocyst development and survival rates, with a positive impact on PGS pregnancy rates and program performance. She will also explain why labs should have established objective competency programs, monitor their “No Result Rate (NRR)”, and track contamination events. The potential impact of the lab on chromosomal mosaicism will also be explored.

Dr Arancha Galán Rivas (IVF Laboratory Deputy Director, IVI Valencia) will be chairing proceedings and adding her valuable expert insight to the topics presented.

Symposium: New technologies and advances in assisted reproduction

Auditorium meeting room, Meliá Castilla Hotel
November 17, 2017 | 15:00 – 16:00
Chair: Dr Arancha Galán Rivas, IVF Laboratory Deputy Director, IVI Valencia
Talk title Speaker
An 8-year snapshot of insightful data using RI Witness™:
an absolute necessity for your IVF laboratory
Dr Stephen Troup,
Scientific Director, IVI UK
PGS and the embryology lab: biopsy and beyond Dr Colleen Lynch,
Laboratory Manager, CooperGenomicsSM

We will also be exhibiting at the congress: Find us at Stand 1 & 2 in the Exhibition Hall!

CooperSurgical fertility companies (ORIGIO, Research Instruments, The Pipette Company, K-Systems, and Wallace) will be demonstrating a selection of products from our extensive range of cutting-edge equipment, including the Integra 3™ micromanipulator, Saturn 5 Active™ laser, RI Witness™ ART management system and G210 incubator.

We will also be showcasing the VitriFit™ open vitrification system, and exhibiting our range of ORIGIO pipettes and needles and catheters.