ESHRE Corporate Sessions

Watch our ESHRE 2020 Symposium Talks

ART imitating Life: the chicken or the egg?

Steven Fleming hosts a corporate session that covers the quality of care from the perspective of the scientists in the lab, the clinicians in the clinic, and the patients receiving the treatment.

During this video, David T. Hansen talks about how every step matters. Laura F. Rienzi discusses the key role of Cryopreservation in IVF and Willem Verpoest covers quality in the IVF clinic.

Introduction – Bringing Quality to PGT

David Chrimes, PhD, Director of Business Development at CooperSurgical, provides an introduction to The ESHRE 2020 Corporate Sponsored Talk: Bringing Quality to PGT. Also, Senior Director of Development at CooperSurgical, Joshua Blazek, PhD, provides a technical view on the subject of Bringing Quality to PGT.