Titan-IVF Workstation

A compact, unique size IVF workstation where sample protection is required.

Key Features

  • Compact single work-space workstation to fit any laboratory space constraints: 660mm width only!
  • Even curtain of non-turbulent air flow filtered with HEPA filters, H-14 type (99.97% efficiency for 0.3 μm particles).
  • Noise level < 52dBA
  • Even and stable temperature in the electrically heated surface.
  • The heated surface is microscope prepared and includes a heated glass stage and a LED light source as standard.
  • Available as a benchtop version, with two fixed height stands, or Electrical adjustable height.
  • Programmable auto-start and shut-down functions of all built-in features, including air flow.


This product is available for sale worldwide.

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Heated Glass Stage

K-SYSTEMS has developed and produced a controlled heating temperature system which is integrated in the microscope light opening.

  • Light opening Ø90 mm standard on Fortuna, Mars and Titan
  • Excellent heat distribution and stability
  • Robust and cost efficient


Heated Glass Stage Ø90 mm with integrated LED.

Temperature accuracy of +/- 0.4oC

Outstanding heating technology

As embryos are sensitive to temperature fluctuations a controlled heating temperature system is integrated in the microscope light opening. The system is controlled on the control panel and provides the highest stability possible of the media in the culture dishes during microscopy.

Light opening Ø90 mm standard on Fortuna, Mars and Titan.

Product Specifications

· 660 mm width model
· Versions: Available with fixed support stand or Electrical adjustable height stand
· Electrical heating
· Heated glass Stage
· LED light source
· Microprocessor control panel
· Fixed support Stand (750-800 mm)

Order Codes

Reference Description External dimensions(DxWxH in mm)
WTIVFE TiTAN IVF fixed stand 705-800 373 x 660x 1735
WTIVFADJ Titan IVF Adjustable stand 373 x 660x 1735