Planer BT37 Mark II bench top incubator

For consistent humidified culturing

Designed to protect and care for every embryo

Providing consistency in temperature and pH control combined with ergonomic, precision-engineered functionality, the BT37 Mark II protects and cares for your embryos and gametes.

The BT37 Mark II keeps every vital parameter temperature, CO2 and reduced O2 – consistent. It is compatible with the same remote monitoring systems as the previous generation. Its soft close lid and ergonomically designed twist-locks give you improved chamber access. The BT37 Mark II is simpler than ever to use, with easy-change humidification bottles.

Offering multiple functional improvements, great design and effective homeostatic controls, you can see at a glance the temperature and alarm status and can change settings at a touch. The BT37 Mark II shows our commitment to care throughout every patient cycle.


This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A, Canada, and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.

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Emergency Power

  • Integrated 2hr battery backup

Alarm functions

  • Event/alarm log on display
  •  Humidification system alarm
  • Alarms can be muted during servicing
  • Bottle replacement reminder alarm

Remote monitoring

  • Connectivity to clinic network
  • Ready for SignipHy pH monitoring system

Password protection

  • Prevents accidental power off
  • Prevents unauthorised parameter change

Humidification system

  • Works with premixed gas
  • Minimal tubing to mitigate kinking and gas reduction
  • Rapid recovery to optimal temperature, gas and humidity
  • Improved user-friendly bottle design
  • Easier bottle replacement

Service friendly

  • Easy hatch opening for battery replacement
  • Easy filter replacement/cover removal
  • Service is sold separately and recommended

Full contact plates

  • Consistent heat distribution
  • Absolute control to 0.1°C
  • Seven point temperature control
  • Large range of culture dish sizes accepted

Product Specifications

The BT37 Mark II has been developed in conjunction with PLANER™; all trademarks acknowledged.
Specifications may change.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 435 mm wide x 330 mm deep x 185 mm high
Weight 17 kg
Storage temperature -10°C to +50°C
Storage humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
Storage special instructions Recharge every 4 months by connecting to the mains power supply for 24 hours
Dishes per chamber 4 x Nunc® 4 well Petri dishes
10 x Nunc 30 mm Petri dishes
4 x Minitub 5 well Petri dishes
4 x Falcon® 60 mm Petri dishes
Internal Battery
Internal battery backup 2 hour backup
Temperature control range (ambient + 5°C) to (ambient + 20°C) 40°C max.>
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.2°C
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.1°C measured after any transient effects due to set-point changes have subsided
Flow control range 0 ml/minute to 900 mL/minute. Normalized to 0°C, 50% RH and 1 bar
Flow Accuracy The greater of ± 10% or ± 3 ml/minute
Flow control accuracy The greater of ± 5% or ± 2 ml/minute measured after any transient effects due to set-point changes have subsided
Gas Supply
Gas supply Premixed gas. Typically 6% CO2, 5% O2, 89% N2
Supply pressure 1.5 ± 0.15 bar
Connectors SWAGELOK 1/4” tube fitting
Local area network (LAN) 10 Base T Ethernet – RJ45 shielded Modbus-TCP-IP protocol
Independent temperature monitoring Independent sensors can be fitted to the monitoring ports
Recommended sensor type: PT100 Class A to EN60751
Maximum diameter: 2.51 mm
Power requirements 100 – 240 V~, 50/60Hz, 2 A

Order Codes

Reference Description
GDBT37-02-WW-CS Planer BT37 Mark II Benchtop Incubator
AY200246 Bottle pack of 6 (incl. Syringe Filter) – only BT37 Mark II
AY102295 Bottle pack of 6 (incl. Syringe Filter) – BT37 Mark I (may be used for BT37 Mark II as well)
Reference Description
MG101383 1 Magnetic pads for BT37 Mark II