Olympus Inverted Microscopes

ORIGIO also brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on setting up microscopes and configuring them with your micromanipulation equipment.

Key Features

  • Modular frame and optical design provide 9 access ports for multiple input or output devices
  • Up to four ports can have simultaneous access to a primary image
  • IX73: inverted research microscope designed to accommodate a wide range of advanced research techniques. Can easily accommodate multi-wavelength, advanced fluorescence techniques
  • IX83: the most advanced motorized inverted microscope from Olympus. With its built-in motorized Z-axis drive, 6-position nosepiece and light path selector, it is ready for multi-wavelength, advanced fluorescence and deconvolution techniques.


This product is available for sale in selected countries.  Available for Research only in the USA.

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IX71 Inverted Microscope
IX81 Inverted Microscope