L124 IVF ICSI Workstation

Workplace for performing ICSI / IMSI

Designed as one workplace and prepared for an inverted microscope – for performing ICSI/IMSI under a laminar flow. The Anti-Vibration table is Integrated, working independently of the Workstation.

The Anti-Vibration Table eliminates vibrations from reaching the microscope platform and dampening unavoidable vibrations in the shortest possible time.

Standard Features

Stainless Steel Table Top
Mounting Assembly for most Inverted Microscopes
Fixed Front Window
2 Electrical Outlets inside the cabinet
Support Stand


This product is available for sale in selected countries around the world.
Not available for sale in the USA.

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Key Features of IVF Workstations 100 Series

The air flow is filtered through a VOC prefilter and HEPA filter to ensure filtered Grade A air quality

HEPA filter classification H-14 according to DIN EN 1822 removes at least 99.995 % of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

Airflow 0.32 m/s

Operator and ergonomically friendly

Standard Features for IVF Workstations 100 Series

The Front Window

Fixed Window

A semi-circle cutout in the front window ensures space to adjust the height of the microscope in order to achieve the desired working height.

Standard in L124 ICSI and L125

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 1846x735x2020 mm
Workspace/tabletop 1226×553 mm
Standard Working Height 835mm – 860mm
Distance from tabletop to HEPA-filter 710 mm

Order Codes

Order Number  Description
4,141,141,314 L124 ICSI 120V
4,141,142,314 L124 ICSI 230V