Join us in Munich for the 7th DVR Congress, 7-9 December 2017 at the Holiday Inn Munich, Germany, and see our full range of IVF equipment.

For the first time, the whole RI Equipment range is now available to order directly from ORIGIO GmbH, Germany, and we will be celebrating the occasion at our stand.

These products are a welcome addition to the portfolio already on offer in this region which includes media and diagnostics, microtools, needles and catheters, consumables, pipettes and Wallace® obstetrician and gynecological products.

This enables CooperSurgical fertility companies to provide products, services, and training for the ART process from start to finish.

Equipment on display

A key focus at the show will be RI’s Integra 3™ micromanipulator, where you can see how its unique Thermosafe™ technology ensures samples remain at optimum temperature.

Also on the stand will be our Saturn 5 Active™ laser.  Demonstrations will take place to illustrate its pinpoint accuracy, which helps reduce procedure times for assisted hatching, zona thinning and biopsy techniques.

Find out how the RI Witness™ ART security and management system can bring efficiency and peace of mind to staff members and patients at your clinic, at our stand demonstrations.

Originally created to eradicate errors that can occur during IVF treatment cycles, RI Witness can also act as a quality management system, offering essential tools for managing the modern laboratory.

The Bang & Olufsen of IVF

We will be exhibiting the G210 InviCell Plus incubator which is designed to meet increasing demands for external independent monitoring, like continuous pH monitoring, independent temperature and external gas monitoring.

Encapsulating 20 years of incubator development, it combines optimal embryo growth conditions with advanced user control, making it the ideal incubation solution for a busy clinic.

Needles and catheters

The Wallace range of catheters will be on display, including the Sure-Pro Ultra, Classic and SureView ranges.  Both single and double lumen oocyte recovery systems will also feature.

Find out more about the DVR 2017 Congress here

RI Witness seminar – register today

On 7 December, we will be holding a symposium on safety and quality assurance in the IVF clinic.  Taking place at the Novotel hotel in Munich at 6pm, hospital managers, laboratory managers, embryologists and quality managers are invited to attend to hear more about the RI Witness system.

The seminar will offer all participants the opportunity to meet with experienced ART Professionals on quality assurance and management in an IVF clinic exchange.

During the talks, you will gain an insight into how the system’s analytics function can help you dig deeper into a lab’s data, identifying possible underlying issues and providing a detailed picture of how to improve outcomes.  This will be followed by dinner.

Talk title Speaker
Proven safety and quality assurance using RI Witness Gerhard Weidner PhD, ORIGIO
Use of RI Witness at the Kepler University Hospital University Professor Thomas Ebner PhD
An 8-year snapshot of insightful data using RI Witness™:
an absolute necessity for your IVF laboratory
Stephen Troup PhD, Scientific Director, IVI UK
We only have a few spaces left so register today by contacting Hans-Peter Schuster at