Quinn’s Advantage Blastocyst Freeze Kit

Glycerol freezing medium and Cryokit solution were developed for the efficient freezing of blastocyst-stage embryos.

SAGE Cryopreservation Media provide choices for donor oocyte programs as well as fertility options for women undergoing therapy that may threaten future fertility.

They provide an additional option for women wishing to preserve their reproductive function. The cryopreservation media offers a variety of freezing and thawing options for cryopreserving cells or tissue samples for long-term or short-term storage.

SAGE Cryopreservation Media are designed for the preparation and protection of embryos through the blastocyst stage during the freeze-and-thaw process.


This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A, Canada and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.

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Order Codes

Reference Description Size Shelf Life
ART-8015 Quinn’s Advantage™ Blastocyst Freeze Kit 3×12 ml 1 year from Date of Manufacture
5% Glycerol Freezing Medium with 12 mg/mL Human Serum Albumin (one 12 mL vial)
9% Glycerol with 0.2 M Sucrose Freezing Medium with 12 mg/mL Human Serum Albumin (one 12 mL vial)
Cryokit Solution with 12mg/mL Human Serum Albumin (one 12 mL vial)