global® DMSO Blastocyst Kits

Global DMSO Blastocyst Vitrification Kit for vitrification (ultra-rapid freezing) and cryostorage of human blastocysts.

Global DMSO Blastocyst Vitrification Warming Kit for recovery and rehydration of human blastocysts.

Store at 2-8 degree and protect from light. Shelf Life 1 year from date of manufacture


This product is available for sale in selected countries around the world.

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Order Codes

Product Code Product Name Size
DMV5-005 global DMSO Blastocyst Vitrification Kit 1 x 5 ml vial of Equilibration Solution
1 x 5 ml vial of Vitrification Solution
DMW5-005 global DMSO Blastocyst Vitrification Warming Kit 2 x 5 ml vial of Warm 1 Solution
1 x 5 ml vial of Warm 2 Solution
2 x 5 ml vial of Warm 3 Solution