Bioscreen Assay

Products available from Bioscreen Inc. for evaulating male infertility:

  • FructoScreen® – measures fructose in seminal plasma
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgA – detects IgA antisperm antibodies
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgG – detects IgG antisperm antibodies
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgM – detects IgM antisperm antibodies
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti Ig(H&L) – detects Ig(H&L) antisperm antibodies
  • LeucoScreen™ – detects peroxidase-positive cells in semen; now includes a Peroxidase control
  • MarScreen® IgA – detects IgA antisperm antibodies
  • MarScreen® IgG – detects IgG antisperm antibodies
  • MarScreen® IgM – detects IgM antisperm antibodies
  • Sperm Antibody (IgG) Controls serum for antibody testing
  • Sperm Antibody (IgA/IgG) Controls serum for antibody testing



This product is available for sale in the U.S.A only.


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Order Codes

Reference Description
BSC-FS Fructoscreen
ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgA, Anti-IgG, Anti-IgM, Anti Ig(H&L)
Reference Description
BSC-IMS-IGA Immunospheres Anti-IgA, 140 tests/kit
BSC-IMS-IGG Immunospheres Anti-IgG, 140 tests/kit
Reference Description
BSC-LS Leucoscreen
MarScreen® IgA, IgG and IgM
Reference Description
BSC-MS-IGA Marscreen IgA
BSC-MS-IGG Marscreen IgG
BSC-MS-IGM Marscreen IgM, 70 tests/kit
Sperm Antibody(IgG) and (IgA/IgG) Controls
Reference Description
BSC-CTL Sperm Antiobody Serum Controls (IgG)
BSC-CTL-GA Sperm Antiobody Serum Controls (IgG/IgA)